Are Your Greatest Ideas Rotting on the Vine?

I’ll make a few guesses:

* Most writers have these moments of inspiration and ideas to do something new, different, creative, smart or interesting.
* Most writers don’t revisit those ideas with any frequency.
* Most writers don’t transform their ideas into actual work product.
* Some of those ideas have the potential to be Truly Great.

We’re In the Ideas Business

If you’re a writer, you’re in the business of coming up with ideas. Whether you’re pitching an editor on a new topic, writing persuasive copy or even working on that epic novel, ideas are the basis of your ability to earn a living. That means that you have to have a way to collect and use your ideas — and considering that ideas can pop up anywhere, you have to have a flexible system in place. Moving Beyond Notebooks and Text Files I think every writer has a notebook somewhere where we each scribble ideas if we happen to be [Read more…]

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