It’s Not Too Late to Publish Your Bestseller!

write your bestseller

Correct me if I’m wrong, but we all aspire to write a bestselling novel. Whether you’ve been writing for online or print, there is just something about seeing your name on a book – even better if that book makes it to the top of the charts! Source The sad truth is that many of us just can’t seem to get a novel done. There’s freelance work necessary to make a living. There are so many other things that keep getting in the way. You may be at a point where you think of your novel as “could have been”, [Read more…]

A Quick Guide to Freelance Writing Success

freelance writing success

Everyone who enters the realm of freelance writing goes into it with the idea of being successful. Some may think it’s as easy as pie. Others may think it will take time. Seasoned freelance writers will know that the latter group is more accurate. While there is no step-by-step foolproof guide applicable to all writers that will lead to freelance writing success, there are certain principles, which if followed, can help new freelancers reach their goals. Even experienced writers who want to become more successful in their chosen field can benefit from these principles. Essay Tigers have gathered some data [Read more…]

Famous Writers and Their “Opposite Habits”

famous writers habits

They say that writers are creatures of habit, and while that may be a generalization, there is certainly some truth to that. We do know that some of the most famous writers have their own quirky habits. Mark Twain liked to write lying down. Ernest Hemingway liked it the other way round – standing up. J.D. Salinger wrote naked. You probably have your own weird habit, which you may or may not want everyone to know. (Don’t worry, we can keep a secret.) Here’s a fun infographic about famous writers and their “opposite habits”. I say opposite because it compares [Read more…]

Weird Habits of Famous Writers

weird habits

I’m sure you have your own habits when writing that are perceived as weird by others. It may be having to write only in bed (which I don’t think as weird at all, although I’ve heard it described as such). It could be that you can’t write on any other computer than your own, which again, I don’t find totally weird. Some of the most famous writers we know, however had some really peculiar habits, and the guys at Ninja Essays have put together an infographic sharing those weird habits. Before scrolling down, can you take a guess at what [Read more…]

Famous Books and Their Word Counts

book word count

Word count. That often dreaded, while at the same time appreciated, element of freelance writing. For some content writers or bloggers, hitting their word count is a pain. For others, making sure that they don’t go over the word count can be a chore (especially if their editor is strict about not going over that number). Still, for some, word count doesn’t really matter. To be honest, while I always take into consideration every client’s requirement for the number of words, I am not too bothered. I have that word count in mind as a general rule, but I just [Read more…]

Writing Tools of Famous Authors – Can You Relate?

writing tools

You’re a writer, and you probably have your arsenal of tools which you can’t live without. One thing is for sure: we all have our preferences when it comes to go-to writing tools. Our favorite authors are not exempt from this, and I found an infographic showcasing the writing tools of famous authors. It’s an interesting graphic simply because it shows just quirky writers can be and how it doesn’t matter how “weird” a habit may be. If you write well, who cares if you’ve got some habits that are not considered normal? The infographic features the following authors: George [Read more…]

Read Only if You Want to Write Better and Faster

write better and faster

We all want to be better writers, right? I’m also willing to bet that, more than that, you want to write faster. After all, if you write better and faster, the more client work you can take on, and the more you can charge for your work. There’s no lack of articles online – and offline – giving pieces of advice on how to write better and faster. We even published one recently – How to Become a Better Writer. Today, I came across this infographic which can serve as a quick pick-me-upper and/or guide for those who want to [Read more…]

What Writing Does to Your Brain [Infographic]

writing and the brain

We’re all writers here, although we do sometimes struggle with how to call/label ourselves. One thing is for sure, though: we know that there are wonderful things that happen in our brains when we write. However, have you ever really thought (or read) about what writing does to your brain? I found this interesting, albeit not-so-recent, infographic about writing and your brain, and I thought I’d share it with you today. There are a lot of insights to be discovered, but here is a quick summary: The physical act of writing brings information to the forefront and triggers your brain [Read more…]

You Are What You Read. What Does Your Bookshelf Contain?

One of my favorite quotes related to writing is from Stephen King (I think many of you know this by now): If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that. That is why, as busy as I am, I try my best to spend even a few minutes every day reading something that I want to read, and not merely something I have to read because of work. In my case, it’s usually fantasy or sci-fi, with the occasional blog/online publication I read for personal pleasure. I don’t think [Read more…]

The Distribution of English Letters in Words [Infographic]

distribution of english letters

This one’s for you word nerds. I ran across an infographic which shows the distribution of English letters in words, that is, how often the letters are used in the beginning, middle, and end of words. While that may be something we don’t “worry” about on a regular basis, when I saw the title, I did start thinking about it. As you can imagine, I spent quite a bit of time looking at each letter in the infographic and thinking words containing them. I think you might find yourself doing the same thing… You might be wondering how on earth [Read more…]

How to Disappear Online

I don’t know about you, but as much as I enjoy all the benefits that being an online worker brings, there are times when I just feel sick and tired of the Internet. I think that, if it weren’t for work, I’d disappear from the online world – even if only temporarily. If you have those urges, and you’re actually planning on doing something concrete, here is an infographic that will give you step by step instructions on how to erase your online identity. How to disappear online [Infographic] by the team at Whoishostingthis

Freelancing Stats and Trivia – Are You Part of the Numbers?

I have a confession to make: I have this thing for stats. I probably spend too much time going through Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, etc. just so I can see what’s going on in terms of views, traffic, shares, and whatnot. It’s not that I love math (I did have more than my share of that in uni, but I can’t say I delight in the subject), but there is something about statistics and numbers that captivates. Just don’t ask me to calculate percentages in my head! Anyhow, Julie, an FWJ reader sent me this infographic, which is chockfull of [Read more…]

Is Your Computer Killing You?

Is Your Computer Killing You

They say writers tend to be introverted and talk to themselves. I’ve even heard it said that writers are more paranoid than normal. My response to that: As Whoopi Goldberg said, “normal is just a cycle on the washing machine”! That being said, I think it is totally reasonable to ask the question, “Is your computer killing you?” without running the risk of being labeled as nuts. After all, we know how spending excessive amounts of time in front of the computer can be bad for the health; and as writers, we probably spend more time with the computer than [Read more…]

6 Great Infographics About Freelancing

Choosing to become a freelancer is both a positive and risky decision. You are setting our on your own, giving up the safety net of a steady employer. You are taking a step to be dependent entirely on yourself and no one else. It is liberating and terrifying, all at once. Whether you are currently a freelancer in any industry or you are just thinking of taking the leap, these infographics can help. They are full of useful information and statistics.

10 Unusual Collective Nouns

Collective Nouns Infographic

Do you find yourself checking the thesaurus often lately? I don’t know about you, but I do love checking for new words to use regularly. This is especially true for when I find myself using the same words too much. Sometimes, I am not even aware of that fact, but the thesaurus does help! Of course, I still believe that nothing beats reading voraciously when it comes to vocabulary expansion. I found this infographic that presents 10 supposedly unusual collective nouns, which some of you might find interesting. To be honest, I don’t really think that the collective nouns in [Read more…]

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly

Grammar can be a pain in the butt, but grammar can also be fun. In the recent weeks, the Grammar Guide has been rather serious. Why don’t we have a little bit of fun today, and take a look at this infographic called “15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly”? The light tone of the title notwithstanding, the mistakes – let’s call a spade a spade – are really not that silly at all. As we always say, everyone makes mistakes. When it comes to the 15 in the infographic, however, unless they are typographical mistakes, committing the errors [Read more…]

15 Most Misspelled Words

15 Most Misspelled Words

We all make mistakes in our writing. We’re human, after all. However, when your livelihood depends on the quality of what you write, the story takes a different turn. I know I don’t need to go on and on about the importance of checking and re-checking our work – that is a given. Instead, I’ll share an image with you that highlights this importance. Here is an interesting and informative infographic of the 15 most misspelled words in the English language. Before you take a look at it, do remember the differences in British and American English as there is [Read more…]

A Complex World: Language Families


Many writers are interested in learning more than one language and not just stick to good ol’ English. Often it can be easier to learn a new language because many languages belong to the same family and use similar base rules. The evolution of language is also undeniably linked to economic shifts in global integration, as seen in the emergence of Credit Loans. I’m sure everyone knows many examples of Anglicisms used in other languages such as offshore or Germanisms used in English, such as Schadenfreude. Another very popular example, especially among freelance writers, is the Gallicism Resumé or for [Read more…]

The Harry Potter Franchise


Since the first Harry Potter book was released in June 30, 1997, the series has received an interesting mixture of acclaim and criticism.  From a single book, the franchise has expanded to seven novels and six movies (the seventh one is due to be released before the end of the year).  The first few novels received heaps of praise from critics, but the fifth installment seemed to attract more negative reviews. In spite of the criticism, the Harry Potter franchise can be considered one of the most successful in history.  In fact, it has made author J.K. Rowling the only [Read more…]

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