How to Write a Cover Letter for Freelance Writing Jobs


No matter how busy you are as a freelance writer, you should never get so comfortable that you forget to market yourself to potential new clients. Projects can finish earlier than the client anticipated for a number of reasons, a once-promising gig may become delayed, or you may decide that you no longer wish to continue accepting assignments from a particular client. If you are going to be sending out freelance writing resumes, you will need to know how to write an effective cover letter for freelance writing jobs.

How to Use Google Alerts to Help you Find Freelance Writing Gigs


If there is one thing freelance writers have in common, it’s that we are constantly marketing ourselves. It’s not a good idea to get too comfortable in a gig, even if it has been steady and lasted for a long time, and even if the client has hinted that it will continue that way for some time. Things can change in the world of work for employees as well as freelancers very quickly, and while you always give your projects your best effort, you need to understand that you only have work as long as the client needs your services. [Read more…]

Freelance Writer Billing: By the Hour or by the Project?


Here’s a scenario that most, if not all, freelance writers who have been working for a while are familiar with: you start communicating with a prospective client and discussing a project. It sounds like something you would be interested in taking on, and you can fit it into your schedule without too much difficulty. So far, so good. Everything seems is lining up really well. Then either you or the client brings up the subject of the budget for the project and how you will be paid. You are asked to give a quote, now that you know the scope [Read more…]

Update your Plain Text Resume with Infographic Resume Builders

You have decided you want to update your resume to give it a more modern look but you are all thumbs with the idea of working with an infographic resume template, and the idea of paying someone to create your resume for you is not in your budget. You are not out of options yet – infographic resume builders can help you get a polished and professional looking resume by doing much of the heavy lifting for you.

Easy Tricks for Spotting Freelance Job Scams

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Protect your identity and integrity by avoiding fraudulent freelance job offers. Because freelance job listings characteristically involve short-term telecommute work, they’re easier to fake than full-time, salaried job postings. If you’re a freelancer looking for a new project, get familiar with these easy tricks for spotting freelance job scams: Take a Step Back from Start-ups Start-up businesses should not be universally painted with the job-scam brush; however, it’s important to understand that con artists exploit the entrepreneurial spirit of start-up businesses to weave their web of deceit. Beware of freelance job listings from newly established businesses that promise income from [Read more…]

How to Make Sure Your Job Application Gets Ignored

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Replying to job listings is probably one of the main things that freelance writers do on a daily basis. While some of us may be fortunate enough to have long-term clients that provide us enough income not to pitch to someone new every day, sending in job applications is still an inherent and crucial part of freelance writing. Source I’m writing this post from the perspective of someone who goes through job applications on a regular basis. In the past months, I think I’ve seen so many – and deleted even more. I thought it would help our readers, especially [Read more…]

Creating A Professional Image As A Freelance Writer


As a freelance writer, one of the biggest challenges you face is setting yourself apart from everyone else. There are lots of amateurs out there who claim to be professional writers – so unless you show your potential clients that you are serious, you’re not going to stand out from the crowd. There are a number of effective ways to do this, and some can actually save you time and money. Image source Appearing professional starts with the quotation that you give to your client. Don’t just write an email that explains how wonderful you are – instead, invest the [Read more…]

How to Break into the Greeting Card Market

Greeting Card 1

According to the U.S. Greeting Card Association, we love sending special messages to our nearest and dearest. About 1.6 billion Christmas cards…

6 Resume Tips for Freelancers

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It may seem a bit strange that a freelancer, who is running a business, is preparing a resume to present him or herself to a client, much like someone who is applying for a job would do.

How to Write a Freelance Writer Resume


Preparing a freelance writer resume is something that independent contractors can struggle with.

How to Turn Down or Leave a Freelance Writing Gig Tactfully

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At the start of your freelance writing career or during times when work is a bit hard to come by…

Resume Creator Tools and Templates for Freelance Writers

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Do you need some help to create your freelance writer’s resume? If you don’t want to build yours from scratch, there is plenty of help available to you online. There are a number of resume creator tools and templates that can help you present yourself to a client in the best possible way.

11 Places to Find Freelance Writing Gigs


One question freelance writers have is where to find clients. The good news is that potential clients are everywhere.

Make Searching for Freelance Writing Gigs a Habit


Part of being a freelancer is looking for work. Even when we have a full plate, we are aware that our status can change very quickly. Clients run out of work, we decide that it’s time to move on, or we simply experience a dry spell. Since a phone call or e-mail can change our work schedules (and have an impact on our cash flow) very quickly, getting into the habit of always being on the lookout for new opportunities is important. The “job” of a writer is not just about thinking stuff up; it also involves the functions of [Read more…]

How to Use Your Freelance Work Personality to Your Advantage

Don’t let the title of this post fool you. I’m not suggesting that you become some type of chameleon and develop an entirely different persona at work. (If you have already done so and it’s working for you, carry on, though. Why mess with success?) I got the idea for the post from watching a medical show on television. I enjoy watching real life ones that show medical professionals as problem solvers. Since I’m always curious about what other people do for a living and why they were drawn to a particular type of work, I pay particular attention to [Read more…]

Do You Ask for the Gig?


You’ve been talking to a prospective client about his or her writing needs. So far, everything sounds good. You know you can do the work and give the client what they want, but they haven’t made you an offer. Now what? In this situation, you do have some options. You can back off and focus on the work you have in front of you right now and give the client some space and hope that when the time comes to hire someone that you will get nod. You have another option, though, and that is to assert yourself and get [Read more…]

How to Target Your Freelance Writing Job Search for Newbies

Your first freelance writing job is the hardest one to get, in my opinion. Once you have one (or a few) gigs under your belt, you can use your past writing experience to propel yourself forward to the next opportunity. How do you approach the task of landing that first gig, then? Start with what you know, and I don’t necessarily mean the fact that you have been writing for yourself for years. Working on your own projects is not the same thing as taking on client work. Both of them involve writing, but your own work is more of [Read more…]

Reapplying After Being Turned Down for a Gig


If you have applied for a freelance writing job and didn’t get hired, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should consider that door closed and never contact that prospective client again. There are times when you should consider taking another run at getting hired by a client you would like to work with. You Feel You Can Present Yourself Better There are times when we apply for freelance writing jobs and realize afterward that we could have done a better job at presenting ourselves as a good fit for that client. If you sent off your resume and realized later [Read more…]

Fall is a Great Time to Step Up Your Job Search


September’s here and the days are cool….maybe it doesn’t feel like fall where you live yet, but there is definitely a change in the air. When children start back to school, it’s a sign that the more casual atmosphere of summer is finished and our focus is back on rolling up our sleeves and getting down to business. What does that mean for freelance writers? Clients are once again focused on projects. Corporate clients who are working with a set budget may be looking to get work assigned and completed before year end. How do you tap into the freelance [Read more…]

Is the Word “Freelance” Hurting Your Job Search?

Have you ever thought about what a potential client thinks when you describe yourself as a “freelance” writer? The dictionary software on my Mac defines freelance as follows: “working for different companies at different times rather than being permanently employed by one company” A person who can’t hold onto a job for a time is generally looked down upon, since we value people who can commit to an employer for a time. Companies recognize long-term workers and may even provide them with gifts or bonuses in return for their years of service. If you tell someone you are a freelance [Read more…]

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Freelance Writing Jobs is a network of seven blogs, including this job leads blog. Since most folks come for the leads only, I like to turn them on to what else is going on in our network since our other bloggers all have great tips and advice. Here are some posts you may have missed. From the home page at Freelance Writing Jobs by Deborah Ng: 10 Reasons You’re Not Receiving a Good Response to Your Freelance Writing Job Ad 15 People and Places to Follow on Twitter to Find Freelance Writing Jobs 5 Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs [Read more…]

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