Should You Take a Survival Job as a Freelance Writer?


I’ve seen a number of web sites recently that suggest freelance writing as a survival job for people who are in between employment opportunities. While I admit that I do find the idea that anyone who can string a couple of words together can get paid to write until they find something better to do […]

Would You Complete a Personality Test for a Freelance Writing Job?


When a person is working for a brick and mortar job, it’s not uncommon for the employer to request that the candidate undergo some type of testing. People who are interested in working in law enforcement or as firefighters are required to complete physical and personality tests as part of the screening process. Applicants for […]

How to Target Your Freelance Writing Job Search for Newbies

Your first freelance writing job is the hardest one to get, in my opinion. Once you have one (or a few) gigs under your belt, you can use your past writing experience to propel yourself forward to the next opportunity. How do you approach the task of landing that first gig, then? Start with what […]

How to be an Internet Job Miner

The Internet is a wonderful resource for people who are looking for work, including freelance writers. If you are interested in picking up your next gig, you have many options and places to look available to you. Many people who are looking for jobs check employment web sites looking for listings for “freelance writer.” This […]

Reapplying After Being Turned Down for a Gig

If you have applied for a freelance writing job and didn’t get hired, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should consider that door closed and never contact that prospective client again. There are times when you should consider taking another run at getting hired by a client you would like to work with. You Feel […]

Who Are Your Freelance Writing Clients?

When you are looking for freelance writing jobs (I prefer to think of them as freelance writing opportunities), do how well to you know your potential clients? Rather than simply applying for writing gigs without thinking about whether the opportunity is a good fit for your skills and abilities, why don’t you take some time […]