5 Way to Be Super UNSUCCESSFUL

Some people claim they want to be successful freelance writers yet one quick look at their business and writing practices and you quickly realize they are actually pulling the old Jedi mind trick on you. Their every move is designed to make fail look awesome. Are you one? Want to be? Here are five ways to be super unsuccessful. Here’s to failing! Ya! 5. Don’t bother with research. When you start out your freelance writing career you really should just focus on interviewing or emailing successful writers. Pick a few and ask them to regurgitate and hand feed you all [Read more…]

How Writers Measure Success

It used to be writers had a pretty standard measurement of success – get published. Then the standards rose and it became – get published and be able to make a living. One FWJ reader’s comment made me stop and think about where the standards are now. I recently wrote on whether having a niche was necessary and a commenter remarked she had never heard of a six figure writer who didn’t have a niche or two. What stood out to me is “six figure writer.” Now, before I get started, let’s not think this is a low self-esteem post. [Read more…]

Managing Full Time Blogging & Kids ALL Summer Long

Deb just posted some excellent summer options for work-at-home parents and they’re handy but I have a few more suggestions along with some helpful tips. Summer, for me is a little like 3 months worth of chaos. Not only does my son’s free school shut down, but my partner’s kiddos are at the house more. Three kids + FT paid blogging + FT self-run projects = insanity on my part. It’s like a much longer winter break; ugh. First read managing work in a chaotic household for some general help then keep reading below for some summer specific tips. Summer [Read more…]

Introducing the Like button at Facebook!

Just a quick heads up. Today, Facebook decided that “Like” is a better wording choice than “Become a Fan.” Interesting news because we JUST discussed this here; with me and others noting that, “The wording, “Fan” is off-putting.” In fact this wording is one major reason I haven’t felt compelled to create a separate page for any of my sites. Currently I only have a me page. What Facebook says… “Introducing the Like button – Starting today people will be able to connect with your Page by clicking “Like” rather than “Become a Fan.” We hope this action will feel [Read more…]

Increase blog traffic with email strategies

There are all sorts of little ways that email can increase blog traffic for you or for a client you blog for. Following are five good ideas. Email a new reader; or two or three or twenty! Darren notes that emailing new readers was one of the main strategies he used to build up ProBlogger traffic back in the day, and if it’s good enough for that well… why not give it a shot. Note – some emails to new readers can be annoying. Try to keep track of who you send emails to so that you don’t send off [Read more…]

What motivates you as a blogger for others?

Last week we looked at whether or not performance-based pay-scales are fair (or worth your time). I was going to come right back and list some actual studies about this, but it’s been one of those drama, drama, drama weeks around here (blah). But today, I’ve got some research. However, first a recap. I’m not on board with strictly performance-based pay. It’s far too variable and a little shoddy in my opinion being that it’s so hard to correctly and fairly prove performance. Most of our reader who commented on this post were also not on board with pay for [Read more…]

Are Performance-Based Pay-Scales Fair?

Actually the question is not so much are they fair, but do you want to sign on with a client who is big on performance based pay. Here are some basic performance pay scales I’ve seen clients launch for their writers… Base pay + traffic perks: For example, you make $250 flat base per month for a set number of posts plus $2 per every 1000 page views. Base pay + bonus perks: For example, you make $500 flat base per month for a set number of posts plus if you write the number one post (traffic wise) for your [Read more…]

How to score blogging gigs in one easy step

APPLY FOR BLOGGING GIGS! That’s it. I know, it’s simple and sounds too good to be true, but when you get right down to it, applying for gigs is the number one best way to get gigs. I only bring this up because I see folks all the time at forums, in writers chats, and on Twitter who note they’re looking for work over and over. I get email questions like, “How do I get work as a blogger?” Not to sound over simplistic, but honestly you might want to try applying for gigs. Heck apply for MANY gigs. In [Read more…]

Should you separate social networking from your friends & family?

Darren had an interesting post up last month at Problogger; maybe you caught it – Dear FaceBook Friends, I’m De-Friending Most of You [It’s Not You, It’s Me]. The post was his public rational as to why soon he’d be deleting all his work contacts from his Facebook account. Darren’s not the only one doing this either. Lately I’ve seen many folks creating their own Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts and other work-personalized social network accounts that allow them to specifically network with work pals and contacts vs. personal real-life friends and family. Here’s an example; say your name is [Read more…]

Sneaky client tactic to avoid – more work without a raise

Here at Blogging For A Living we’re always saying, “Don’t flipping work for free people!“ WHY would you? There are many jobs to be had that do pay (actual money). Thankfully it seems like many of you are listening. We see plenty of our readers out there, scoring gigs and getting paid and it makes us super happy. That said, there’s another issue surrounding working for free that’s a little harder to catch. Not all writers plan on working for free, sometimes it just slowly happens. Here’s how… You land a gig. Let’s say that gig includes writing five posts [Read more…]

10 Turnoffs Keeping Readers from My Blog

Thumbs down - stock.xchnge

Reader feedback is a blogger’s most important tool. By reading comments, emails and survey results pertaining to our blog, we’re receiving valuable information. Stats also provide a gold mine of information. For the most part, the feedback received regarding the Freelance Writing Jobs blog network is extremely positive. However, that doesn’t mean the negative feedback we receive isn’t treated with the same respect. Every comment, every criticism and every stat is given the same consideration. It’s from our regular survey and from reading feedback regarding this and other blogs that inspired today’s list. If you’re struggling with traffic or you [Read more…]

Make Money Fast – Start Your Own Blog (ha ha ha!)

Ok, I’m diverting from my usual topic here at Blogging For A Living; making money blogging for others, because I saw a blog post recently at Coupon Sherpa titled Quick Cash: 24 Ways to Make Money While Unemployed and part of it irked me, hence the diversion. The post isn’t terrible. In fact there are many gigs listed that could theoretically make you some quick cash but the blogger also notes on number 15, “Monetize Your Web Site or Blog. You’re already spending a ton of time on your blog or Web site. Why not earn some money from all [Read more…]

Profitable Niche Blogging? Absolutely!

Yesterday Darren Rowse wondered if the only bloggers who were earning a living from their own blogs were “make money online” bloggers. To be honest, I used to wonder the same thing myself. As the owner of a network of niche blogs, I can tell you it’s very difficult to monetize this network with advertising. Unless you’re selling courses or ebooks, it’s not so simple to earn money with a writing blog. Freelance writers don’t have a lot of disposable income. They don’t reach into their pockets to buy impulsively. Private advertisers want their ads on high profile blogs and [Read more…]

Getting started as a problogger

I was reading one of Deb’s posts, “Why You Won’t Get Famous Blogging for Someone Else” and noticed the following comment. “I am looking to go into blogging or freelance writing to earn money and to be able to stay at home with my children. All I know is that I truly love to write and give my opinions. In between cooking and my household duties, I can spend up to 4 hrs or more a day just on FaceBook alone. Somehow there has got to be a way to make a living doing this and get paid for it. [Read more…]

What it means to make a living as a blogger

Here at Blogging For A Living we of course talk about blogging for a living. Both as a blogger for someone else and as a blogger for yourself. Since we talk about this stuff all the time I figured it’d be good to define what we’re discussing – i.e. the distinction between blogging for yourself vs. blogging for others. Also important is what I mean when I say, “Make a living as a blogger.” That said, I thought I’d take a moment to break it all down. What it means to make a living as a blogger: To me, making [Read more…]

From Blog to Small Business

Deb’s note: I started writing this post on the plane to Las Vegas (and BlogWorld) last week. Since then I’ve seen Darren Rowse’s post at ProBlogger called, “The #1 One Reason My Blogging Grew into a Business.” Check it out if you can, it’s a must -read for anyone who wants to blog for a living. FWJ began four years ago as a blog filled with leads for work at home moms like me. As you know, it’s evolved quite a bit over the past few years. Something happened this past spring that caused me to change my outlook about [Read more…]

Blog & Web Writing Gigs for August 19, 2009

A fair amount of decent paying gigs today, although I swear people are getting less and less clear when writing these things. It’s not that hard – Location? Pay? Hours? Duties? That works. I think maybe people are trying to be too fancy. In any case, no tip today but I do think this post is worth a read – Don’t Ignore the Hidden Job Market for Freelancers. Anywhere gigs: Engineering Blogger Established website seeks Editor in Chief – AND Blogger/Editor Needed for Pet Loving Startup – pay issues sounds super iffy on both gigs so approach with care Intern [Read more…]

Blog & Web Writing Gigs for August 17, 2009

Jobs are back, although it does seem slim around the web re: anywhere gigs. Still, there’s some decent gigs today so check them out. Job tip o’ the day: Now that I’m back we’ll be resuming our how to get a blogging job series. If you haven’t been following along, you can get up to speed by reading the following… How to get blogging jobs and web writing jobs – getting started Finding blog gigs – starting out with no clips How to get a blogging job – advice from b5media’s hiring editor How to get a blogging job – [Read more…]

How to bomb out all the time when looking for writing gigs

You apply for one or two gigs a month: There’s something to be said for the law of averages. If you’re applying for five or less blog or web writing gigs a month your odds of getting hired are slimmer than the odds of a blogger who gets out there and applies for 20, 30, or more gigs a month. You apply for lots of gigs but most are totally inappropriate for you: While the above tip about applying for a lot of gigs is good advice, it’s also important to apply for gigs you actually might get. You’re not [Read more…]

Blogging & Web Writing Gigs for July 25, 2009

First off sorry no jobs yesterday – what with packing to move and work, it’s a little nuts around here. Secondly, congrats to Marye, who scored a KILLER gig via a job posting I listed here at Blogging For A Living AND actually tweeted to me about it so I knew. It’s double nice in this case because Marye’s a good friend, but even if I don’t personally know you, it feels much more productive when I hear someone gets a fly gig. So, if you score a gig from one of these lists leave a comment, tweet, or email [Read more…]

Maybe you're not getting jobs because you just can't write

In a post a good long while ago, Do you need to be a good writer to be a good blogger, Deb points out that yes, it helps a great deal to know how to write if you’re a blogger. I agree. Knowing how to write is important. However, I know plenty of excellent writers who don’t get blogging and web writing gigs – writers who are likely better than me. I can write sure, but I’m not one of those genius born to write or die type writers, yet I still get plenty of work. So, how do I [Read more…]

Blogging & Web Writing Gigs for July 22, 2009

Well, it looks like I was wrong about gigs picking up mid-week. Still not much out there. However, just because it’s not on a job board doesn’t make a gig invisible. Deb has put together two new excellent resources… 40 Freelance Writing Markets Paying $100 or More (Much More) 50 Places that Hire Freelance Writers You can get a gig – you just need to keep your chin up and keep on truckin’. Anywhere gigs: Parent community blogger – too low of pay IMO BUT also super PT 2 positions – Article Writer/Web Content Writer Environmental Website writer – I’ve [Read more…]

How to get a blogging job – advice from Deb Ng of FWJ

During our how to get blogging and web writing series we’re looking at some of the experience that clients are looking for in a blogger or online writer. Last week we heard from Kori Ellis, an editor at b5media. Today we’re going to hear from someone familiar to you – Deb. BUT just in case you’re stopping by and are new to Blogging For A Living, Deb Ng is the founder of Freelance Writing Jobs, co-owner of the blog Kommein – a blog for community managers and author of the ebook “Beyond Blogging: Using Your Blogging Skills for Bigger and [Read more…]

Finding blog gigs – starting out with no clips

If you want to work as a blogger or web writer and by work, I mean make a living, then you have to start somewhere. Of all the email questions I get, “How do I actually get started without a portfolio” is probably the most common question. It’s true that clients want to see clips but most don’t care what sort of clips they care more that you wrote the clips well. Are there clips in your past? If you honestly feel you have zip in the way of a portfolio, the first thing to do is take another look [Read more…]

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