How to Make a Living as a Writer

You want to make a living writing.

Here’s how I do it. It may not be a good way for you to do it. Then again, it might be advice that transforms you from a feast/famine disaster into a consistent earner.

What motivates you as a blogger for others?

Last week we looked at whether or not performance-based pay-scales are fair (or worth your time). I was going to come right back and list some actual studies about this, but it’s been one of those drama, drama, drama weeks around here (blah). But today, I’ve got some research. However, first a recap. I’m not on board with strictly performance-based pay. It’s far too variable and a little shoddy in my opinion being that it’s so hard to correctly and fairly prove performance. Most of our reader who commented on this post were also not on board with pay for [Read more…]

Are Performance-Based Pay-Scales Fair?

Actually the question is not so much are they fair, but do you want to sign on with a client who is big on performance based pay. Here are some basic performance pay scales I’ve seen clients launch for their writers… Base pay + traffic perks: For example, you make $250 flat base per month for a set number of posts plus $2 per every 1000 page views. Base pay + bonus perks: For example, you make $500 flat base per month for a set number of posts plus if you write the number one post (traffic wise) for your [Read more…]

Do the ends justify the means – figuring out if a client is worth it

In Deb’s post, I Don’t Hate Blog Networks, she says,“My only concern about blogging for a network is whether or not the ends justify the means. Does the amount of money you’re being paid adequately compensate the work going into your blog? If you’re working your butt off for less than minimum wage, you may want to consider whether or not blogging for a network is a good choice for you.” Which is so true, I’m pointing it out here again. You can apply this thinking to any writing client, not just blog networks. No matter what sort of writing [Read more…]

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