A Radical Response to Piracy


Since ebooks went mainstream (thank you, Kindle), book authors are now finding themselves in the same awkward spot that musicians have been in for over a decade. Readers can bypass bookstores, Kindle, and everything else, and own your book without paying a dime to you or anyone else. You’re being ripped off! What do you do? How are you supposed to react when that huge project you labored over and poured your soul into and sacrificed other parts of your life for, is made available to the whole world for free? The standard reaction of most writers is outrage and frustration. Even [Read more…]

Should I Write for Free?


There is a huge debate about whether or not writers should write for free.  My thoughts about writing for free are rooted in my background as a marketer and an entire field of marketing called content marketing that companies are desperately trying to understand and integrate with social media and traditional marketing tactics and strategies. To me, writing for free and allowing that content to be published on websites and in media that will help build awareness, recognition, and loyalty to a brand equates to free advertising.  Rather than investing hundreds or thousands of dollars into advertising placement and creative, [Read more…]

Guerilla Marketing Tips for Writers

I never really understood the term guerilla marketing.  There really isn’t anything to do with scratching your armpits or bananas, when you come to think about it.  (I’m only half kidding.)  Earlier in the year I talked about querying out of the box – going out and finding those off chance opportunities.  Now I’d like to share some thoughts with you on how you can really maximize your marketing presence without a big budget. What does guerilla mean for writers? Well, guerilla for writers to me means doing something so utterly ridiculous that it works – because nobody else thought [Read more…]

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