Funny English Signs

Funny English Signs

We all make mistakes. There really is nothing wrong with that as long as we can take constructive feedback. A little sense of humor and the ability to laugh at ourselves make everything better. Understandably, we might find it easier to chuckle when the mistake is not ours! Still, that does not mean that we should not make it a point to be open to admitting our mistakes and making sure they are corrected. All this talk about mistakes stems from the topic of today’s grammar post. I think it’s about time we have a little fun, and take a look [Read more…]

5 Simple Legal Mistakes Freelancers Commonly Make

Mousetrap picture

For a freelance writer, there is a lot of legal ground to cover. Copyright, trademark, privacy, libel and contract law are just some of the areas any freelancer needs to be familiar with to ensure that their rights are protected and they stay on the right side of the law. The reason is that, in addition to signing deals and getting payment for a service, you are creating content that will be distributed to a global audience. This puts a lot of responsibility on you and everything you right to be accurate, non-infringing and non-invasive. Still, we are all human [Read more…]

Query Letter Writing: More Silly Mistakes

You when they say that you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff?  Well, I would agree except when it comes to query letter writing – that’s when the small stuff can really break you!  From catching random typos to making the gaffe of saying “Dear John” when you’re writing to Emily, first impressions count, so make ‘em good. I do receive pitches for my travel website pretty regularly, and I thought I’d share some of the silly things that people come up with that they really should have left off their query letter. “My last editor decided that she didn’t want [Read more…]

Seven Reasons Writers Don’t Get the Better Paying Writing Jobs


The topic of this series has been how to earn more money as a freelance writer. We’ve touched on some of the higher paying writing fields and discussed The Types of Companies That Need Freelance Writers. Today, I’m going to cover a slightly more sensitive topic. Today’s topic deals with mistakes that writers make that can keep them from being selected for better paying gigs. Seven Mistakes That Can Affect Whether You’re Hired There are times when you aren’t selected for a writing project and it isn’t your fault. There’s a lot of competition out there, and not everyone can [Read more…]

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