Spring Clean Your Writing Style

Image credit: Kimberly Back

The season of renewal has arrived! After you scrub your floors, rearrange your tchotchkes, and clear your closet, take some time to spruce up your writing skills. Whether you are a veteran or green to the writing scene, we all need a grammar refresher from time to time. Here are three quick tips for cleaning up your writing style this spring: Modify Misused Words Self-identified grammar nerds are irked when someone mistakes your and you’re or misuses affect and effect, but what about words that aren’t as obviously confusing? Scan your writing to ensure you don’t get tripped up by [Read more…]

Some misused words are inexcusable

Just a quick FYI folks. When bouncing around the web this morning I saw plenty of misspelled and misused words. I’m the first to admit that my spelling lacks perfection (spelling trauma as a kid in school) however, there are some 100% inexcusable misused word issues that should not be showing up in your posts. Such as… “Your too good for this.” – Nope, it’s “You’re.” “Its good for all sorts of stuff!” – This should be “It’s.” It’s vs. Its can be confusing I know, but this is so simple that it just looks bad. Think of “It’s” as [Read more…]

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