Beginning Bloggers: Finding Your Niche


Starting a blog is a lot like enrolling in college. Similar to how new students can be distracted by extracurricular activities, new bloggers can easily get so caught up in the excitement of designing a blog that they overlook one crucial detail: defining their niche. Without a mission statement to give your writing purpose and establish your content as worthwhile to readers, your site could end up dropping out of the blogosphere. If you’re a freshman blogger, consider these tips for finding your niche: K.I.S.S. It Beginning a blog is a commitment, so remember that Keeping It Simple is Smart. No, [Read more…]

1,000 word blog posts and being yourself

I’ve been breaking writing rules my entire freelance career. Sadly, I don’t always break rules on purpose – often I just make mistakes. Luckily, for me, the rules I’ve broken haven’t hurt me much. When I stared out freelancing FT I broke way too many rules… I never pitched to small local magazines in an effort to work my way up. I sent queries to all the big name magazines I liked. I’d send the same query to multiple magazines too, thinking, most will reject me anyhow. I didn’t have any magazine clips for my queries so I’d send business [Read more…]

5 Reasons Why It's Important for Bloggers Read ALL the Blogs in Their Niche

As a freelance writing blogger I make it a point to read ALL the blogs in the freelance, writing and blogging niches – even those I don’t like or particularly agree with. In fact, I’ll even go as far as saying anyone who is serious about his or her niche and wants to be a successful blogger should do the same. Every blogger has favorites, and that’s fine, but never discount the guys you don’t jibe with – or even the bloggers you can’t stand.To do so can mean you’re missing out on some beneficial opportunities. There’s only competition if [Read more…]

Profitable Niche Blogging? Absolutely!

Yesterday Darren Rowse wondered if the only bloggers who were earning a living from their own blogs were “make money online” bloggers. To be honest, I used to wonder the same thing myself. As the owner of a network of niche blogs, I can tell you it’s very difficult to monetize this network with advertising. Unless you’re selling courses or ebooks, it’s not so simple to earn money with a writing blog. Freelance writers don’t have a lot of disposable income. They don’t reach into their pockets to buy impulsively. Private advertisers want their ads on high profile blogs and [Read more…]

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