Writing is Like Sex

While you’re doing it, you’re focused, zoned in and intense. Every distraction is met with deep disappointment – the phone, the kids, the dog standing there watching you do it. When you’re not doing it it’s all you can think about leaving you distracted. “It” is writing, but the passion in which we pursue, fantasize about and devour it makes it a lot like sex. That’s another big reason why it’s fun. The Heat. There’s nothing like the heat of new blog post, new assignment or new magazine. The magazine represents an opportunity. The blog post or assignment represents a [Read more…]

Dear John (Niche)…

The thrill is gone. You have delved so deep into your niche you’ve scrapped the bottom clear through to the other side of the world. The relationship has become boring and predictable and you want out, but there is just one thing… You make great money and are in a pretty cozy in your position. How do you get out without jeopardizing your wallet? Ease on down. You don’t have to do a full, traumatic break up with your niche, instead it may be easier for you, and your reputation, to build up your work in an other area while [Read more…]

Avoiding the Bobby Brady Approach to Specializing as a Freelance Writer


There was a reason you didn’t see many members of the the casts of the Brady Bunch or Partridge Family move on to bigger, meatier roles.  It’s because most hiring agents couldn’t see any of these kids past their Bobby  Brady or Danny Partridge roles. No matter how hard these actors tried to shake these old gigs, they were destined to be seen only as former child sitcom stars. Oh sure, they find work now…playing their former roles in sequels and reunion movies or doing reality TV, but it’s not like they’re doing much else. That’s what happens when you’re [Read more…]

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