5 Reasons Online Relationships are Important for Freelance Writers


You probably see me on Twitter…a lot. The truth is, I like Twitter for many reasons. for example, it breaks up the monotony of the day when I’m home alone. There’s more to it than that, though. I find the networking to be invaluable. Twitter has enabled me to build on so many different types of relationships with clients, sponsors, community members and friends. In 2010, anyone wishing to be a success in business, needs to consider the various social networks as a way to meet others and build up buzz around a product and brand, even if the brand [Read more…]

How to build or break relationships with PR contacts

This week we’re taking a peek at PR topics that relate to bloggers. Yesterday we talked about Managing Your Blog PR Contacts. Coming up we’ll look at how to set up a ProfNet query letter and bonus – I’ve got a couple of PR folks lined up who will be telling us what it’s like to work with bloggers. The good, not so good, and more. So stay tuned. Today – how to build relationships or I suppose you could look at it the other way too; as in how to royally mess up your relationship. There’s no fancy tricks [Read more…]

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