5 Steps to Building Your Online Visibility As a Freelance Writer

online visibility

You may be able to sling words skillfully like a crusty old wizard casts spells, but without developing a solid online foundation to augment it, you’re likely to find yourself bereft of work; in other words, a wizard without a willing (or unwilling) experiment to transmute, burn, poison, or curse. Source Like it or not, online writing is one part penmanship prowess, one part online marketing. The sooner you accept those two seemingly disparate activities as halves of one complete entity called the online freelance writer, the better off you’ll be — and the sooner you’ll be landing more gigs [Read more…]

Introducing the Like button at Facebook!

Just a quick heads up. Today, Facebook decided that “Like” is a better wording choice than “Become a Fan.” Interesting news because we JUST discussed this here; with me and others noting that, “The wording, “Fan” is off-putting.” In fact this wording is one major reason I haven’t felt compelled to create a separate page for any of my sites. Currently I only have a me page. What Facebook says… “Introducing the Like button – Starting today people will be able to connect with your Page by clicking “Like” rather than “Become a Fan.” We hope this action will feel [Read more…]

Should you separate social networking from your friends & family?

Darren had an interesting post up last month at Problogger; maybe you caught it – Dear FaceBook Friends, I’m De-Friending Most of You [It’s Not You, It’s Me]. The post was his public rational as to why soon he’d be deleting all his work contacts from his Facebook account. Darren’s not the only one doing this either. Lately I’ve seen many folks creating their own Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts and other work-personalized social network accounts that allow them to specifically network with work pals and contacts vs. personal real-life friends and family. Here’s an example; say your name is [Read more…]

Sneaky client tactic to avoid – more work without a raise

Here at Blogging For A Living we’re always saying, “Don’t flipping work for free people!“ WHY would you? There are many jobs to be had that do pay (actual money). Thankfully it seems like many of you are listening. We see plenty of our readers out there, scoring gigs and getting paid and it makes us super happy. That said, there’s another issue surrounding working for free that’s a little harder to catch. Not all writers plan on working for free, sometimes it just slowly happens. Here’s how… You land a gig. Let’s say that gig includes writing five posts [Read more…]

Getting started as a problogger

I was reading one of Deb’s posts, “Why You Won’t Get Famous Blogging for Someone Else” and noticed the following comment. “I am looking to go into blogging or freelance writing to earn money and to be able to stay at home with my children. All I know is that I truly love to write and give my opinions. In between cooking and my household duties, I can spend up to 4 hrs or more a day just on FaceBook alone. Somehow there has got to be a way to make a living doing this and get paid for it. [Read more…]

How to bomb out all the time when looking for writing gigs

You apply for one or two gigs a month: There’s something to be said for the law of averages. If you’re applying for five or less blog or web writing gigs a month your odds of getting hired are slimmer than the odds of a blogger who gets out there and applies for 20, 30, or more gigs a month. You apply for lots of gigs but most are totally inappropriate for you: While the above tip about applying for a lot of gigs is good advice, it’s also important to apply for gigs you actually might get. You’re not [Read more…]

I didn't check my email all day… AND the world didn't end!

I’m detouring from our get a job series today to gloat. If you want to review the current series check out… How to get blogging jobs and web writing jobs – getting started Finding blog gigs – starting out with no clips How to get a blogging job – advice from b5media’s hiring editor How to get a blogging job – advice from Deb Ng of FWJ Now on with the gloat – I didn’t check my email and survived to tell you about it! I’m super frustrated right now because I’m moving August 1st, which means I need to [Read more…]

How to get a blogging job – advice from Deb Ng of FWJ

During our how to get blogging and web writing series we’re looking at some of the experience that clients are looking for in a blogger or online writer. Last week we heard from Kori Ellis, an editor at b5media. Today we’re going to hear from someone familiar to you – Deb. BUT just in case you’re stopping by and are new to Blogging For A Living, Deb Ng is the founder of Freelance Writing Jobs, co-owner of the blog Kommein – a blog for community managers and author of the ebook “Beyond Blogging: Using Your Blogging Skills for Bigger and [Read more…]

Blogging & Web Writing Gigs for July 16, 2009

Where the heck have we been? Click here. In other news, since I’ve been MIA there are a ton of leads today… Anywhere gigs: Senior blogger – and by senior I think they might mean experienced, not that you’ll be blogging about seniors, although it’s not the most well written ad, I could be wrong. PBS MediaShift blogger / editor Web Content Writer Seeking Writers For Bay Area Sports Teams Entertainment Editor Content Writer Freelance Writer – Online Tech Magazine Health technology writer for CNET – ooooo, I LOVE CNET! Online Brand Evangelist and Blogger (Contract) – environmentally friendly consumer [Read more…]

Blogging & Web Writing Gigs for July 6, 2009

I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th and at least took a little time off to relax. Not too many gigs today, but that always happens around holidays. We’ll see more later in the week most likely. Job tip o’ the day:  Deb has a nice little post up, What You Want vs. What Your Clients Expect, that in part, covers should we tell our clients when we think they could be doing something better. Deb notes, “If you don’t like the way your client runs his blog, or if you feel he needs guidance, there’s nothing wrong [Read more…]

Blogging & Web Writing Gigs for July 3, 2009

Very slim gig list today; I’m guessing we’ll see better stuff next week after the holiday. Job tip o’ the day: As a blogger PR folks will be contacting you all the time. This is good news in that you can score news tips plus items to review. However, managing your PR contacts can be rough at first. In January I posted a series on PR contact management. If you missed it, brush up with the following… How to create a ProfNet opportunity for blog news, products, and tips How to build or break relationships with PR contacts Managing Your [Read more…]

Blogging & Web Writing Gigs for June 26, 2009

Very few decent gigs today – sorry. Also, no job tip today, because I already posted a lengthy one. Read: One job listing you should not apply for. Anywhere gigs: health/eco/lifestyle writers – MA or Phd – Too low of pay unless pieces are short (as in blog post size). Ask. Freelancers Wanted Freelance Food Writers Wanted Green blogger – saw this up before, not sure whats up. Assistant Medical Editor for Online Med Ed Company – (Midtown Manhattan) Location specific gigs: San Francisco Lifestyle Blogger – guess where (ha) Site Merchandiser – Athletic & Outdoor Footwear, Shoes & Endless [Read more…]

Blogging & Web Writing Gigs for June 24, 2009

A decent group of gigs today, although people might take the time to write better job ads… And on that note, your job tip’ o the day is: Location specific gigs might be suitable for telecommuters, but if you don’t ask you won’t know. I posted at least 5 gigs today that were super vague about location. These are jobs that could be done remotely, but maybe they want on site. Sometimes, jobs that state a location may not find someone they like and could be willing to take on a telecommuter. In my opinion, it never hurts to contact [Read more…]

Creating a useful and successful blog networking plan

Social networking isn’t that hard. Anyone can tweet, leave comments, ask for link exchanges, or IM readers and blogging pals. These are all general networking ideas that can work. However, if you’re focusing on the wrong blog networking tactics for your specific blog you’re wasting your time. In my mind we network for one basic reason, to draw readers to our blog. Maybe you’re networking for another reason; to get read for personal reasons, to promote a cause, to get a job, or to gain clicks on ads, but it really all comes down to getting people to your blog [Read more…]

Blogging & Web Writing Gigs for June 22, 2009

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and Father’s Day. A semi-ok group of gigs today, although, I’m betting we’ll see more mid-week. Job tip o’ the day: During the summer it seems like it’s harder to concentrate on work. Especially if you work at home, and can break whenever you like. Change up your routine so you stay on track. During the summer, it’s hot which zaps my concentration, so I tend to work more in the evenings. You might also try getting out; blogging at the park or coffee shop in the early morning. Anywhere gigs: Babybumpshops.com is [Read more…]

Are you too distracted at work?

If you work as a blogger / web writer, you may find yourself getting super distracted often when you come across fun stuff to see and read. It’s also easy to get distracted when networking; sure Twitter can help you score gigs, but if you’re on there all day chatting, you won’t get much real work done. I’m not immune to distractions. In one sense I’m lucky because I get to write mostly topics I love, but since part of my gigs is finding news and cool new products related to said topics I love, it’s easy for me to [Read more…]

Blogging & Web Writing Gigs for June 19, 2009

So in bad news I’ve seen almost zero decent anywhere gigs this week, however, if you’re lucky enough to live in the right areas, you may find a good job below. For you anywhere writers, you can also check out Deb’s latest job listings (not totally blog-web specific). Job tip o’ the day: Do you have a contact me page at your personal blog? You should if you’re looking to score jobs. If people can’t contact you, they can’t hire you. You’d be surprised at how many blogs I come across that contain zip contact info; don’t be one of [Read more…]

Blogging & Online Writing Gigs for June 16, 2009

Sorry about the lack of gigs posted the last few days. My son was home from school before camp kicked in, and since I work at home, that was less than ideal working conditions. This should be a busy week too, but I’m looking to get at least three job posts up for you all this week. Today’s listings kick ass btw; lots and lots of gigs to browse. I’m kind of surprised, as I haven’t seen too many great blog and online writing jobs lately. Question o’ the day: So, are your kids home for the summer? Or have [Read more…]

Blogging & Online Writing Gigs for June 13, 2009

Not too many how-to pieces this week here at Blogging for a Living – it’s been crazy busy! Next week we’ll look at a better combo of jobs and tips, but for today, just some gigs. Some pretty good looking jobs today too. Job tip o’ the day: Use the law of averages to your advantage. When I first started freelancing I was worried about landing work because in the past I had mainly written for companies I already worked for – i.e no job search involved. When I actually had to apply for work, I figured it would take [Read more…]

Blogging & Online Gigs for June 10, 2009

It seems like anywhere gigs are so slim lately; maybe we should all move to NYC! Just kidding – not for all the money in the world. I like the Pacific NW. In fact, instead of a job tip today, why not tell me where you’re from and if you feel your location is helping or hindering your writing career. I’ll go first – I’m in Oregon; Portland to be exact and that’s to my benefit I think. It’s super charged green here, and since green is what I write, that works out in my favor. I’ve had eco-clients who [Read more…]

Blogging & Online Writing Gigs for June 8, 2009

Hardly any decent gigs today. With that in mind you might want to check out Deb’s list of freelance writing gigs – she’s got a bunch going on today. Job tip o’ the day: Negotiate up. If you’ve been blogging with a client for six months or more see if you can’t get a raise. A lot of times what I notice about blogging gigs is you’re hired at a set wage and it’s simply never discussed again. If you’ve grown traffic, done your job, and been a trouble-free employee see if you can set up a client meeting and [Read more…]

What kind of jobs can blogging skills lead to?

Blogging for a career can be iffy. The pay can be good, but sometimes it’s beyond terrible. The hours on a cushy blogging gig may be easy but in many cases you put in long hours with few days off. Also, because of the popularity of blogs there are plenty of everyday Joes (or Sallys) who get it into their head that blogging is a snap and start a blog project which means in some cases you could end up applying for a gig where you know way more about blogs then the client who hires you (frustrating). The good [Read more…]

Blogging & Online Writing Gigs for June 5, 2009

Some decent looking gigs today, which is good since weekends pickings tend to be slim. Job tip o’ the day: Blogging is more than just writing. You may need to know basic HTML, SEO, how to fix a small glitch, or set up a widget. Make sure you learn everything you need to about blogging to score gigs. Anywhere gigs: Huddle.net looking for bloggers Blogger at Task.fm – NOTE: they say, “You’ll be working as part of a fun start-up” so check out to see if they’re actually paying. Community Manager for 700+ Australian bloggeres Eco-website needs writers – a [Read more…]

Blogging & Online Writing Gigs for May 30, 2009

A fair amount of gigs going on yesterday and today – hopefully you find something useful here. Bonus job tip o’ the day: Having been blogging for a good long while, I’ve built up a list of pet blog peeves. However my biggest peeve (ok, one of my biggest) is when bloggers fail to quote sources. Annoying! If you’re guilty of this it only make you look like an amateur and when potential clients visit your links, they’ll notice too and it may mean you don’t get the gig. Anywhere gigs: Environmental Writers Online Magazine Environmental Writers Green Writers Wanted [Read more…]

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