5 Enterprising Tools for Boosting Freelance Business Communication

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 Editor’s note: This post was written by Sharon, an author who likes to write on themes and issues related to project management software. Through her write-ups, she provides tips and suggestions for businesses, so they can better manage their projects and duly achieve their business objectives. You can also follow her on Twitter. Freelancers need to communicate and […]

Too Many Articles Killed the Freelance Writing Star

Success is going to happen. As a freelance writer, if you keep plugging away, success will happen for you. Sometimes it will hit all of the sudden. A deluge of articles, projects and client meetings suddenly appear in your email box. In between giddy high fives to yourself, you quickly say yes to everything and […]

Outline Your Way to A Better Article

All great works start with good foundations and articles are no different. An outline is a great tool to give your article solid support and using one has many benefits: Faster Writing Many writers think taking the time to write an outline adds one more time consuming step to the writing process. The truth is, […]

5 Days, 5 Ways to Enhance Your Writing Skills

Advice is a good thing, helpful advice is even better and advice that you can use and implement over a period of time is the best. I love gathering helpful writing tips and tricks from others in the field, however, if you’re like me you’ll come across a list that has several great things you […]

Brainstorming Technique #2 Freewriting

Freewriting. It sounds like a cool, pill induced experience, but it is actually a perfectly normal way to get all your ideas on paper without stopping to edit or organize. Freewriting is simply writing without stopping. This technique is actually a great way to start the writing process before you move on to outlines. It […]

Scheduling Time for Your Articles

How long does it take to write an article? Honestly, a good one takes as long as it needs to take. So how do schedule time for your articles? It’s not enough to plug a due date into your editorial calendar, you need to carefully map out enough time to complete all the elements required. […]

Writing Through Distractions

Busy kids, demanding dogs, grocery runs, alluring refrigerators, visitors, Twitter,  the call of the sun through your window – all worthy adversaries in the battle for your concentration and productivity. As writers, we must guard against the constant intrusions that threaten to turn an hour-long project into a 3 hour-long project. There are some distractions […]

You Missed a Deadline – Now what?

By Terreece M. Clarke Writers miss deadlines. Gasp! Shock! Horror! Plenty of writers will swear it has never happened, while others will attest, though usually secretively, that they have missed or come close to missing a deadline. It’s the “No, No” of “No, No’s” and you’ve just missed one or are close. So what do […]

Break the election tension & boost your productivity

By Terreece M. Clarke If you have not voted yet do not start reading this column. You are to immediately get yourself to a polling location. Tension, excitement and curiosity is high around the country today as Americans vote and wait to hear the news of who will be the next president of the United […]