Why You Shouldn’t Write for Revenue Sharing Sites

Last week, I wrote about unanticipated successes.  One of the stories I relayed involved an article I wrote while experimenting with a site that pays based on residuals.  A few years ago, I wrote a brief no-brainer of an article for a revshare site that has subsequently generated several hundred dollars in earnings. I mentioned my overall disdain for involvement with most revenue sharing sites in the front-end of my post and thought I’d go into a little more detail about why I feel the way I do.  I’d hate to think that my story of an exception to the [Read more…]

How to Profit from a Free Service


When I began this blog (and eventual network) it wasn’t to make a profit. It wasn’t even to provide a free service. It was to share some writing opportunities with other work at home moms. As the Freelance Writing Jobs community grew, I began to think about ways to earn money while still being able to provide a free service. Many people urged me to turn this into a paying subscription based service but I didn’t for two reasons: I knew our community could go elsewhere and find the same information on their own for free. I knew most of [Read more…]

How to Stop Relying on Your Freelance Writing Clients and Make A Name Doing Your Own Thing

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We need our freelance writing clients. Their projects pay the bills and if not for them we’d be at the office jobs we loathe. Still, most writers aspire to make a living writing for themselves. No bosses. No clients. No deadlines. Of course, the problem with this is we can’t stop writing for clients because we need the money. In the Internet age, it’s easy to take advantage of our freelance writing clients in order to boost our careers. Many count on their their clients to give them a boost. Many bloggers even count on clients’ blogs and websites as [Read more…]

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