5 Common Ways Freelance Writers Get Scammed

Cookie Thief

Ever since I started writing at Plagiarism Today and especially since I started this column, I’ve been hearing a lot from freelance writers who have been scammed or otherwise victimized by unscrupulous clients. Though the good news is that such bad clients are very rare in the big scheme of things, they are common enough […]

5 Steps to Handling Deadbeat Clients


If you do enough freelancing, it will happen soon enough. Someone is not going to pay you. Whether you do writing, design or doing any other freelance work on the Web, eventually you will get a deadbeat client and it is best to be prepared for that eventuality than to stress over it when it […]

The Longest Blogging Day of the Month – the Last Day

I hate last days of the month. Actually, I should have put, “Last days of the month” on my cons of blogging for other’s list. Here is what’s on my last day of the month to do list for today: Make sure all my blogs have met their quotas: This is presenting a problem this […]