My Blog's Stats After Adding A Co-Blogger

My previous two posts about co-bloggers covered the potential positives and negatives of having a co-blogger. Today I’ll share some results. Background: The blog I’ve been discussing in the last two posts is Tree Hugging Family. It launched in August 2007, so it’s somewhat new. Being a green family blog, it’s in a smaller niche, […]

Positives of Having A Co-Blogger

Yesterday we looked at cons of co-bloggers. Today; the potential positives of having a really good co-blogger. In case you missed it, I’d read yesterday’s post first, or you may start wondering who Peggy is. You finally… FINALLY can take a sick day: Since Peggy came on it’s not like I’ve taken days off – […]

Co-Bloggers – One Cure for the Lazy Blogger

Deb’s last post was a good one. Did you miss it? Well, here it is – Why I’m a Lazy Blogger – And How I Can Improve. Deb noted issues with the blogroll, minimum post schedule, and time to visit other blogs. I’m big time into blogrolls so no issues there. However, I totally get […]