5 Things to Do to Increase Your Freelance Writing Income

increase your freelance writing income

Are you unsatisfied with how much you are earning right now? Do you want to increase your freelance writing income? Image source While there is no exact formula for this, there are certain things you can do to earn more. 1. Optimize your calendar or to-do list. I live by the calendar. I used to […]

Tips to Handle Work Overflow

work overflow

Finding freelance writing jobs is not the easiest of activities. You’ll probably attest to that. This is why we have those periods when we can barely make ends meet in spite of scouring websites for jobs. Whether you check our daily listings of freelance writing jobs, look for jobs on this website or do Google […]

The Importance of Keeping a Schedule


This is a Guest Post by Kevin Whipps (you can learn more about Kevin at the end of this post) When I first started out as a freelancer, I had dreams of waking up at noon, getting my work done by 2:00, and spending the rest of my days playing in fields of daisies. When […]

Rocking the Productivity and Making Good Use of My Freelance Writing Time


When I first began freelance writing my son was an infant. As any parent knows, building a career and nurturing an infant simultaneously is, well, it doesn’t happen. I consoled myself with the theory that once my son was older and in school full time, it would be easier to balance a full time career. […]