PR Newswire Launches ProfNet Connect


PR Newswire’s ProfNet service has been around since 1992 and made it easy for writers to find expert sources for quotes, interviews, and more.  Now, ProfNet Connect has launched and replaces the ProfNets Expert Database.  It’s still free to join (either as a writer seeking sources or as an expert), and offers a more interactive […]

How to Find Interview Subjects for Your Blog Posts and Articles

Tape Recorder

Perhaps the most daunting aspect of freelance writing is in finding interview subjects. Many writers are shy or have no idea how to find folks to interview. The thing is, it’s a lot easier than they think. Everyone has something to sell or promote and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who says “no.” […]

How to create a ProfNet opportunity for blog news, products, and tips

UPDATE as of May 2010: In case you don’t read the comments first (who does that?) Maria, from ProfNet recently left a comment here with a link to ProfNet’s newest and best way to submit an opportunity. It’s way easy to use and doesn’t make you jump through so many hoops. Visit ProfNet to learn […]