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Do you have a blog? Who doesn’t these days? One of the things about blogging is that you really have to work on keeping your blog alive. You have to bring value to your readers, and more than that, make sure the word gets out about your blog. While you can rest on your laurels and be content with the readership you already have, why do that when you can continuously get more exposure and attract new followers? This is the idea behind Blog Search Engine, a blog directory under the wings of Splashpress Media, the same group running our [Read more…]

5 Lame Ways to Comment at Other Blogs

Looking to get your comment deleted from my blog? Comment like this… 1. “Hey, this doesn’t relate to your post at all but….” – you lost me at “doesn’t relate.” 2. On one of my contest posts: “Everyone come enter my contest instead! at” – sad. Really even if you leave out the “instead”, I’m likely to delete you AND not enter you in my contest. This, in my opinion, is no better than spam. It’s just not cool. You already get to leave your url at my blog. 3. Say one of the following: “You suck” – [Read more…]

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