Do You Want Proofreading to Be an Easier Task? Read This.


Proofreading is an inherent part of me. Whenever I write something, I have to proofread it. It’s a habit, and since I am a creature of habit, proofreading is a given. That doesn’t mean that I find it an easy task, though, and it may be the same for some of you. Source For one, it is a well-known fact that going over your own work with the intent of finding mistakes does not always yield good results. You’re biased. Your eyes tend to gloss over mistakes. Typos – misspellings, misplaced punctuation marks, etc. – can easily be overlooked. On [Read more…]

Do Not As I Do….My Top 10 Most Embarrassing Freelance Writing Moments


We talk a lot about the importance of being professional, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t make some gaffes once in a while. I don’t think I’m alone, either. Plenty of freelance writers have unprofessional and even embarrassing moments. I’ll bet even some highly paid best sellers did a few things that don’t make them very proud. While they’re usually inadvertent errors, it doesn’t make them any less embarrassing. Can you relate to any of these? My Top 10 Most Embarrassing Freelance Writing Moments 10. Pretending I knew how to do something I couldn’t Several years ago, [Read more…]

The Impotence of Proofreading

Thanks to my brother in law Mark for turning me on to this video. Though it’s talking about proofreading term papers, I think it’s appropriate to freelance writers. Enjoy! via

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