Query Challenge Update

By Terreece M. Clarke Where are you on the Query Challenge? We started off trying to query a few new (to you) magazines before Christmas. Some of you jumped in a little later and others are finished and just waiting to hear back from your choice publications. I want updates! Have you been inspired by the challenge to query more often? What questions do you have about queries, query letters, etc.? Talk to my FWJ and let me help you! Do you want to start the challenge? Here are some articles to help you along your way: Query Challenge – [Read more…]

Query Challenge Update: Where are you now?

It’s late Tuesday evening and you are checking your feedreader, email and social networking sites one more time before you disappear into a mound of wrapping paper, yummy meals and family fun. You know there’s something you forgot to do. What is it? Write an article? Nope. Follow up on a source? Nope. The query challenge! That’s it! Where are you on the query challenge? Have you pitched a publication yet? Remember we wanted to do this by Christmas so we’d start the New Year off right with either a great or an encouraging response or heck, let’s be honest [Read more…]

Query Challenge – Dear Random Editor:

by Terreece M. Clarke “Dear Editor: This is a fantastic query. It’s a hot topic and perfect for your biggest issue of the year. It’s well-researched and has a fantastic expert on board for an interview. Unfortunately, I didn’t take the time to find out which editor I should send it to. Sure I could have sent a quick email or picked up the phone to be sure that the person on the masthead is still there and in the department, but I decided to go generic. Just any random editor at the publication. So now my query is stuck [Read more…]

Caller You Say What? Questions About Queries

By Terreece M. Clarke I always wanted my own talk show :0) Today I’m going to answer a few of the great questions I’ve received: Rupa Says: Hi Terreece, Off topic – but I wanted to return to the query challenge. (Yes, I am working on it!) I have spent some time studying query letter tips and sample queries online. I have never done this before and want to learn to do it right. I have a few questions – Is it absolutely necessary to mention in the query some of the names of the people I will be talking [Read more…]

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