Query Letter Writing: More Silly Mistakes

You when they say that you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff?  Well, I would agree except when it comes to query letter writing – that’s when the small stuff can really break you!  From catching random typos to making the gaffe of saying “Dear John” when you’re writing to Emily, first impressions count, so make ‘em good. I do receive pitches for my travel website pretty regularly, and I thought I’d share some of the silly things that people come up with that they really should have left off their query letter. “My last editor decided that she didn’t want [Read more…]

Query Letter Writing: Querying Out of the Box


Last time I walked us through a successful query letter writing, pointing out a few tips for you to review your own query letters.  Now I want to talk to you about something that requires a little bit more confidence a few extra ninja skills; I just call querying out of the box. You might hear these called letters of interest, because it is when you are querying a potential client when there isn’t any writers guidelines or job posting.  For example, you might be an avid gardener and and want to send a letter introducing you and your services to the [Read more…]

Query Letter Writing: Dissecting a Successful Query Letter

So it’s one thing to talk about a successful query letter writing, but it’s another to actually use an actual query letter, so I thought today I’d walk us through one that worked really well for Writer’s Magazine.  Make sure you know these 5 things to before sending a query letter first. Here’s my actual query letter (with some outdated links I had removed).  Read on, then see my comments about why this was good, and how I would do it better next time. Subject:  Getting Started Query:  Start a Blog Hi Sarah Want to get free advertising for your [Read more…]

There’s Rejection and then there’s REJECTION!


By Terreece M. Clarke I forget where I read it, but some writer once said that 9 times out of 10 your article pitch is going to be rejected. So, in essence, live for the 10%. While a bit pessimistic, the overall sentiment is right on. Rejection is as much a part of freelance writing as Wi-Fi and coffee, though there is a difference in the types of rejection letter a writer can receive. FIRM AND INFORMAL It’s a No. The rejection letter in all of its 10th generation photocopy, “Dear Writer,” addressed glory arrives with the daily mail. It’s [Read more…]

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