Blogging for Beginners – start by reading other blogs

In a previous post’s comments folks here indicated that social networking is a topic of interest, which is way important. For those of you interested in jumping right into lots of social networking, I suggest you make some blogging friends, a topic I covered in, How to make more blogging friends and be insanely popular! There’s a lot to social networking, which we’ll get to, but first I thought we’d take a look at one of the most basic blog networking steps – reading other blogs… If you like to blog, there’s a pretty good chance you also enjoy reading [Read more…]

What do you miss from your pre-pro-blogging days?

I’ve only been blogging for money for about two years now give or take. Before that, I still blogged, I just blogged for me alone, and for no pay. I still wrote, I just did so in other writing venues. Since I started blogging for pay, I’ve noticed that I miss a couple of things from before; when I only blogged for fun. What I miss… I miss reading blogs: I know, that sounds kind of funny; a blogger who doesn’t read blogs. I DO read some blogs, but not as many as before, and also, I sometimes feel like [Read more…]

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