As A Freelance Writer, You Need To Protect Your Brand


Image source Building a successful freelance writing business is far from the easiest job in the world. It takes skill, dedication and a commitment to quality. The hours are long, and you have to manage every aspect – finding the work in the first place, keeping the customer happy at all times, actually doing the work, and making sure that you get paid in the end. There is no way that you would put in all of that effort if you didn’t have a true sense of pride in what you do. When it is 2 o’clock in the morning [Read more…]

Your Freelance Writing Clients Know You’re Lying


Freelance writing clients are smart cookies. Most of them know when they’re being conned or lied to. In today’s public and open world of freelancing, you can’t call in sick and head to the beach. You can’t claim an aunt died when you really just want a few days off. If you’re going to lie to your clients, keep in mind that in most cases they’ll find out. Don’t Invite Clients to View Your Personal Details if You’re Going to Be Dishonest As freelance writers we work hard, but we still maintain flexible schedules. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t [Read more…]

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