The Distribution of English Letters in Words [Infographic]

distribution of english letters

This one’s for you word nerds. I ran across an infographic which shows the distribution of English letters in words, that is, how often the letters are used in the beginning, middle, and end of words. While that may be something we don’t “worry” about on a regular basis, when I saw the title, I did start thinking about it. As you can imagine, I spent quite a bit of time looking at each letter in the infographic and thinking words containing them. I think you might find yourself doing the same thing… You might be wondering how on earth [Read more…]

Being a 21st Century Writer


If there’s one thing lacking in the publishing and journalism industries these days, it’s certainty. The world of writing and publishing is changing day-by-day, and no longer can you be a successful writer — whether your craft is journalism or novel writing, whether you’re writing for print or digital — merely by virtue of being talented. There are entirely new skill sets required for the modern successful writer, and whatever kind of writer you are, you’re going to find that these skills are a must. You want to be a 21st Century writer? Here are three hats you must wear [Read more…]

5 Easy Article Research Tips

If you peer into the heart of a great article, you’ll find it being kept alive from lede to conclusion by thorough research. And while access to information is easier, digging through the massive amounts available can be difficult, time consuming and frustrating. Simply tweaking a few already used tools will yield quicker, quality, in-depth information. 1. Google Tweaks A big source of info and debate is how best to use this vast resource. One thing to keep in mind while doing a Google search is the items that are listed first are not necessarily the best on the subject [Read more…]

Can You Teach Yourself to Write Faster?

As a freelancer, the speed at which you can write directly affects the speed at which you can earn money. That means, technically, if you can write faster, you can probably earn more money. It’s not the only way a freelancer can earn money, of course, and the fact that it relies on you writing more isn’t always a plus. But it’s not out of the question that you can improve the speed at which you write. Prep Work Makes All the Difference When you watch a busy chef put together dinners at a restaurant, you may notice that he [Read more…]

Reusing Research: Making Your Work Twice as Useful

The thing about a well-researched article is that you’re probably only going to sell it once. If you’re really on top of the ball, you may sell the reprint rights or put it into a larger piece of work, but the bottom line is that you can do hours of research and still only sell an article once. But the fact of the matter is that you can often make your research do double duty — you can use it to write more than one article, letting you improve the return on the time you’re investing. Keeping Your Editors Happy [Read more…]

10 Necessary Freelance Writing Multi-Tasks

I write a lot of posts on things freelance writers need to do besides writing.  When you think about it, we wear many different hats. Writing is a small part of what we have to do on a regular basis if we want to be successful at our jobs. Here are some of the jobs we need to do well if we hope to make it as a 1. Job Hunt Freelance writers have to take some time out each day or several times a week to hunt for new opportunities. You might do this by querying magazines or reading [Read more…]

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