Unique Ways to Get Your Resume Online AND Seen By Employers


Getting your resume online is becoming crucial for young grads or those looking to find a job. As our Presidential candidates have continued to remind us over…and over…and over again these last few months—the job market isn’t easy. Students do not want to have to move back with their parents and struggle to find a […]

Transferable Skills and Your Resume

We get lots of questions from our readers about resumes for freelance writers. Whether you are looking for your first freelance writing gig or you have some experience under your belt, it can be challenging to figure out exactly what to include in your resume. Your writer’s resume will list your writing experience, and I […]

Non-Paying Work and Your Resume

When you are preparing your writing resume, do you include work that you have done for free? You should! The purpose of sending a prospective client your resume is to share some information about your background, education, and work experience. All the writing you have done, whether you have been paid for it or not, […]