Time Management Tip #1: Prioritize

Writers tend to juggle several projects at once, in addition to all of the other things they do during the day – billing, networking, searching for work, living life, etc. There are times when it feels like there are never enough hours in the day to complete everything. The bad news: there isn’t enough time. The good news: not everything has to be finished today. One of the craziest things that people do when trying to manage their time is giving each to-do item equal priority. I’ve talked with friends who have said that everything they do is important. I [Read more…]

How You Made My Life Easier, Free Nachos and Other Delights (Part 1)

Anyway, I wanted to do two things before walking away from that post and implementing those good ideas. First, I wanted to write a “wrap” post about the recommendations, noting the prevailing themes, providing my reactions to them, etc. Second, I wanted to give away the free nacho prize.

You’ll note that this post is labeled “Part One”. You’ll see “Part Two” next week. I’m going to use “Part Two” to break down all of the advice, to provide kind words of thanks to the geniuses who provided it and to come up with what I hope to be a few Marvelous Insights of my own.

The Longest Blogging Day of the Month – the Last Day

I hate last days of the month. Actually, I should have put, “Last days of the month” on my cons of blogging for other’s list. Here is what’s on my last day of the month to do list for today: Make sure all my blogs have met their quotas: This is presenting a problem this month, because there were two days that my son was with me when he should have been with his dad. I will meet my quotas, but my schedule is off, which bites, because it means I’ll have to double check everything. Invoice: Every client has [Read more…]

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