What’s a Book Writer to Do?


I’ve had five novels published professionally, through an internationally-distributed publishing house. I’m contracted for one more, which will be hitting stores next Summer. And like all good authors, knowing that there’s an end in sight to my current contract, I’m on the hunt for a new one. After my first three books, getting a second contract for three more was easy. My books weren’t bestsellers, but they sold enough to turn a profit for my publisher, so getting a new contract was a no-brainer. Yet now, suddenly, after almost six published books under my belt, landing a new contract is [Read more…]

Book Writing and Publishing FAQ – What Types of Publishing Options Are Available to Me?

After reading Robin’s great post last week about writing ebooks and publishing my comparison of traditional vs. self-publishing, I wanted to take a step back to further explain the types of publishers that are available to aspiring book writers.  Bottom-line, I don’t want anyone to be confused about the options available to them to get their manuscripts turned into books. There are three primary types of book publishing — commercial publishers, vanity publishers, and self publishing.  Each type is described in more detail below.  Keep in mind, the descriptions below are generalized, and of course, there are exceptions to every [Read more…]

Book Writing and Publishing FAQ – Should I Self-publish or Go with a Traditional Publisher?

Many aspiring authors who have not published books yet spend a lot of time thinking about how they can get their books published.  It’s difficult to get a large, traditional publishing house to put up the necessary money to print, market, and distribute a new author’s book.  Self-publishing is much easier, and rather than waiting months, perhaps years, for a traditional publisher to accept your book, you could have already offered it through a self-publishing, print-on-demand website like Lulu.com. So which choice is better — self-publishing or traditional publishing? The answer depends on your goals as an author.  Following are [Read more…]

Join the eBook Revolution


As technology advances, art always finds new ways of taking advantage of it. For Music, vinyl records were the first major format to catch on, until cassette tapes came along. Years later, we ditched out cassettes in favor of CDs. Today, the format of choice for most music lovers is the downloadable MP3. The technology got better — with new benefits such as higher quality recordings and instant distribution over the Internet — and the entire art form grew because of it. Movies started out as silent black & white films, then graduated to sound and color. Today we can [Read more…]

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