Advanced Search Engine OptimisationTactics

Search engine optimisation is necessary for driving traffic to a website. A large volume of traffic increases sales and profits. Although there are a few simple search engine optimisation techniques that most business owners can implement, for the best results such as quickly ranking on the first page of search engines, you need to hire a SEO expert. Professional tactics greatly improve your SEO. Search engine optimisation experts have a variety of tools in their area of expertise to help any business increase its online visibility and exposure. 1. Meta Descriptions For search engine optimisation, there has to be a [Read more…]

Blog Writers vs. Print Writers: Are The Jobs Interchangeable?


Switching professions is never easy, but people do it all the time. People often decide to take a different path because they don’t love what they are doing or because there is more opportunity in a different field. So it should be easy to change from writing for print newspapers and magazines to writing on the Internet, right? After all, these fields are at least related and very similar. In most cases, the answer is yes—a writer is a writer and although some modifications need to be made, it’s possible to make the switch. Many writers contemplate this question because [Read more…]

Choosing SEO Consulting Services Comes Down To Common Sense [Tips]

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SEO consulting services can help a webmaster boost their websites presence by bringing in professionals who understand what it takes to create on-site and off-site optimization, however it’s important when choosing a service provider that you first investigate their past successes and understand their approach to site optimization. Start your search by first examining how the SEO service ranks for keywords found on their own website. If an SEO “expert” isn’t ranking for basic terms such as “SEO” or “SEO Services” and “SEO consultants” it should raise a red flag. Speak with several representatives from the company. While a one man [Read more…]

Taglines, Slogans, Headers, Descriptions Oh My!


I’m not sure about the rest of the web surfing population but when I happen on a website the first thing I look for is a brief description that tells me what the site is all about to determine whether I want to visit for a bit, click around and read the offerings or if I want to click BACK and continue on to the next stop. These very key descriptions happen in one of two places 1. Browser Search Results When searching for a simple term, let’s use “parenting” as an example, the first thing you notice are the [Read more…]

Freelance Writing for the Web: A Change is Gonna Come. Are You Ready?

Make a point of learning more about why potential clients are looking for a writer in the first place and study the hell out of the marketplace and the kind of changes in advertising, search, social media, and all of the other things that are going to force changes in the way people conduct business and information acquisition on the ‘Net.

SEO Experts and Freelance Writers: Interview with Kieran Flanagan

Kieran is a great guy with whom to work and his perspective on writing and search engine optimization is indicative of what I tend to encounter when dealing with the “right” people. He’s the kind of person I’d recommend to anyone looking for someone to provide link building services.

Don’t get any funny ideas about stealing my client, either. I’ve asked Kieran to tip me off if anyone tries to muscle in on my turf, lol!

Without further ado, here’s the Q&A:

Freelance Writing Opportunities in SEO Content

The morals to the story: There’s gold out there for those willing and able to mine it. It’s a mistake to dismiss SEO content as nothing more than half-assed articles that happen to use the right words. If you bring your A-game to SEO content and hook up with the A-level masters of the craft, you can have a chance to do good work at a good rate.

And, if you understand why exceptionally good content can be a fantastic SEO tool, that should be a part of your pitch to many clients.

Scribe SEO Review for the Technically Challenged

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As a technically challenged blogger I’m always interested in tricks and tools that enhance my bloggery and make it look as if I know what I’m doing. So when Brian Clark launched Scribe SEO , a tool geared towards assisting SEO idiots (like me) in optimizing their blog posts, I decided to give it whirl. Between you and me, I sometimes wonder how my blog achieved this level of success because I’m not an SEO maven and wouldn’t know a high ranking keyword if it reached up and tweaked my nose. My only experience with keywords and SEO, besides what [Read more…]

Setting a Freelance Writing Rate Equal to the Task


Today’s freelance writing clients are looking for a lot more bang for their buck, especially those looking for web writing.  Many aren’t looking for a mere writer, they want someone who uses SEO, builds traffic, moderates and responds to comments and more.  Before accepting a project and setting a rate, always find out what the job entails and set a freelance writing rate equal to the task. Straight writing is one thing, but if your client is adding bells and whistles, make it clear the rates are going up. We all know interviews, research, mileage and expenses are often added [Read more…]

Are We Still Supposed to be Using SEO?

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I’m really bad with the SEO. I know we’re supposed to be using it to stay on top of the search engines, but I’ve been lucky enough to get good search traffic without using obvious SEO techniques. I try to use my keywords when I can, but the truth is, I don’t want to sound too keywordy, if that makes any sense. Sometimes, obvious SEO titles are just silly. When they’re used five times in a paragraph, it looks spammy, at least to me. When I do use SEO I try and find the words and phrases sounding most natural. [Read more…]

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