Blogging & Web Writing Gigs for June 22, 2009

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and Father’s Day. A semi-ok group of gigs today, although, I’m betting we’ll see more mid-week. Job tip o’ the day: During the summer it seems like it’s harder to concentrate on work. Especially if you work at home, and can break whenever you like. Change up your routine so you stay on track. During the summer, it’s hot which zaps my concentration, so I tend to work more in the evenings. You might also try getting out; blogging at the park or coffee shop in the early morning. Anywhere gigs: is [Read more…]

Wanted: Someone Who Gets It

by Deb Ng Warning: Brief rant up ahead. The other day I had a frustrating talk with someone about building community around a website. He’s going for celebrities and shock value rather than reach out to bloggers and social media, even though the bloggers and social media experts embraced the business early on. He called bloggers “amateur hour.” (Hint: Don’t wonder why no one is blogging about you, if you dismiss bloggers as amateurs.) I submit we can give you something the expensive, hot shot P. R. firms can’t. Now that more businesses are looking to build up community and [Read more…]

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