Free Downloadable Software for Writers


Are you wondering where you can find free downloadable software for writers? We’ve done some virtual digging to find you some options that won’t cost you a single penny. Check them out here: Free Downloadable Software for Writers to Try Now What types of downloadable software for writers are available? You can find word processing programs and ones to help you organize notes and information. If you are working on a book project, you’ll find several options that can assist you with this type of work. Apache Open Office Apache Open Office is chock full of features and can be [Read more…]

How to Prepare for a New Year – Freelance Style


A day before New Year’s Eve, I find myself getting some work done. I know it’s supposed to be a break, but there are some things I need to finish and some things I need to prepare for. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more than a couple of you who are in the same boat. And while I do believe that change does not have to happen only when a new year comes in, it does have a nice symbolic ring to it. So, as I sit here going through a partially mental, partially written out list, I [Read more…]

Small Business Tools: Helpful for Freelancers?

Whether you freelance full-time or you take on projects as a day job allows, you probably think of yourself as a freelancer. That’s true, but that’s not the only title you qualify for. You’re also a small business owner. Thinking in terms of that job title can open up some interesting avenues. How often have you taken a look at a tool or a resource meant specifically for small business owners and thought, ‘Oh, I don’t qualify for that’? When I started out as a freelancer, I skipped out on a free class for small business owners on how to [Read more…]

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