Freelance Writing Jobs is Back in Action


To everyone who patiently waited as the Splashpress Media team worked through the technical glitches inherent in moving a big site from one place to another, thank you!  And to those of you who tried to help the tech team figure out what was wrong by leaving comments explaining what was happening on your end, thank you! I’ve been told that it looks like the home page updating problem has been fixed, which is great news!  It took some time, but the tech team kept at it until they figured out the problem. Let’s face it, tech people always hear [Read more…]

Noemi Twigg: Your New Grammar Accomplice

Hi Freelance Writing Jobs readers!  This month has brought about a lot of changes in this community, and I would like to take this chance to share a little bit about myself before diving into the finer points of grammar. I know that you all have been following Dawn’s posts, and that her departure from the site has brought about a range of emotions.  It is with hope and optimism that I begin this journey with all of you. I’ve always thought that I had a proclivity for being nitpicky when it comes to grammar, but it wasn’t till I [Read more…]

Introducing the Professional Life of Susan Gunelius


Hello to the Freelance Writing Jobs community!  I’m very happy to be a part of a network that Deb Ng led so successfully, and I hope I can do it justice in the future. I’ve known Deb for years — since we were both writing for Know More Media back in 2007.  Our paths have crossed many times since then — writing for b5media and later when I took over writing for as the Guide to Blogging as Deb’s successor. It’s amazing how our paths are crossing again since Splashpress Media purchased Freelance Writing Jobs from Deb last month.  [Read more…]

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