Will Work for Diggs

I hit the Digg front page a couple of times and it felt darn good. When I hit it wasn’t because I sent a shout or email to friends asking them to vote. Each time I hit, someone else (someone I didn’t know even) submitted my post and it got lucky. On the occasions I asked for Diggs for what I felt were good articles nothing happened. I stopped asking for Diggs and Stumbles, however, because I feel doing so on a regular basis turns one into a pain in the butt. It’s no secret how I feel about people [Read more…]

Cool it With the Digg Requests

I have this thing about Tupperware and Pampered Chef parties. I rarely go to them. Invitations for these things usually come from people who wouldn’t call me to say hi, invite me out for a drink or even send a Christmas card. Yet somehow I’m a good enough friend to invite over so I can spend my money so the hostess can receive some free merchandise. No thanks. I feel the same about Digg and Stumble requests. I don’t mind doing them, but if you’re not going to at least drop a line or a Skype to say hello to [Read more…]

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