4 Tax Tips for Freelance Writers

tax tips

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Brie Weiler Reynolds, the Director of Online Content at FlexJobs and a contributing writer for 1 Million for Work Flexibility. FlexJobs is the award-winning site for telecommuting and flexible jobs, listing thousands of pre-screened, legitimate, and professional-level work-from-home, flexible schedule, part-time, and freelance jobs. Brie provides career and job search advice through […]

What Would You Do to Trim Your Tax Bill?


Some people would go as far as to “forget” to declare some of their income.  I think we’ve sufficiently discussed the repercussions of not declaring all of your income in the previous post.  This time, I’d like to bring up the idea of engaging in certain practices that I personally find questionable. At the top […]

What the IRS Doesn’t Know Won’t Hurt It

Hide and Seek

I’ve heard it said so many times that I can’t keep track of it: what you don’t know won’t hurt you.  For some, ignorance is bliss.  Maybe in some cases, this can be true.  However, if you project this kind of thinking to the IRS, you might find yourself in deep trouble. How many times […]

Pay Less to Uncle Sam Later by Tracking Your Tax Write-Offs Now

Hang on to Business Receipts

Last week I wrote about how, like it or not, keeping track of tax deductions is a year-round job for freelance writers. Yes, I know. Yuck. Don’t you hate when people are part of the problem and not part of the solution? For that reason, I decided to follow up with a post about what […]

Now’s the Time to Track Those Tax Deductions

Now’s the Time to Track Those Tax Deductions

Wait, what? But April 15th just passed, you’re saying. Can’t I please get a break from all this tax talk? Sadly, no.  While they’re no fun to think about, if you’re a freelance writer, tax deductions are a part of your life all year round. And trust me, you want to think about tax deductions […]

26 Blog Posts and Articles About Freelance Taxes


So…I’m sitting here thinking about how my quarterly taxes are due in January and probably many of you are having the same experience. Freelance writers don’t pay taxes in the same manner as those who are salaried employees. We have to plan ahead and predict. For freelance veterans, this may all seem routine. However, new […]

How to Solve Freelance Tax Problems


by Thursday Bram When something goes wrong with an employee’s taxes, her employer is often responsible when everything is said and done. For freelancers, though, no employer is going to take the time to correct errors. That means that you have to take responsibility for making sure that all of your paperwork is in order […]

3 Ways to Reduce Your Freelance Writing Taxes and Help Yourself


by Thursday Bram One of the reasons employers can afford to offer benefits like health insurance and retirement plans to their employees is because there are tax benefits available when they do so. They’ll have to spend money either way — the question is whether they spend that money on benefits for employees or on […]

Tax Tips for Freelance Writers Part 4: When a Writer Needs to Hire a CPA


by Thursday Bram While the standard business advice is that you need to hire a CPA as soon as you go to work for yourself, most freelance writers don’t need to call on a CPA quite that fast. As long as your taxes are fairly straight forward, you can take your 1099s to a tax […]