Freelance Writing Jobs for March 9, 2012

Happy Friday everyone! Here are today’s freelance writing jobs that might interest you. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing 1. Content writer for SAT (NY) 2. Part-time content writer (VA) 3. Part-time content writer (Telecommute) 4. Part-time wellness content writer (FL) 5. Freelance content writer (Toronto) Blogging Jobs 1. Wine […]

Freelance Writing Jobs for March 8, 2012

Times flies and it’s Thursday already. Here then are our lists of freelance writing jobs that you might want to consider. Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing 1. Non-English content translator (Home-based) Blogging Jobs 1. Blogger (Mission District) 2. Freelance blogger for New York Knicks (NJ) 3. Dermatology blogger Copywriting Jobs 1. Freelance copywriter (Hawaii) 2. […]

Technical Writing 101: What do technical writers do?

keyboard and screen

by John Hewitt “I thought you guys just wrote stuff down.” – A project manager after hearing what my documentation group needed in order to complete a project. Technical writing is not like most other types of writing. To begin with, you may or may not spend much time writing. The majority of my time […]

Freelance Writing Jobs for April 7, 2009

Hi folks, no time for small talk today, so instead of me sharing a tip of the day – I’m going to encourage you to share YOUR favorite writing tip. Thanks! Leads… Seeking Multiple Writers – EmpowHer Freelance Copyeditor – – NYC Talented Editors Needed – Menlo Park CA