What Does it Take to be a Freelance Writer?

I’ve been a (more than) full-time writer for ten years.  It takes talent, ambition and the ability to manage your time and money to be successful. Contrary to popular belief, you can be a successful freelance writer without starting your own business. However, if you have a habit of slacking or procrastinating, this probably isn’t the path for you. My typical day includes writing for up to ten clients at a time. This includes everything from SEO-rich web content to brochures for international hotel chains. I scour job boards for new openings and apply daily, even if I have a [Read more…]

Has Technical Writing Stifled Your Creative Side?


It is no secret that technical writing jobs pay well. Many freelance writers slowly slip into the technical writing sphere and get stuck. The jobs are plenty and the pay is good, and as a writer this stability is appealing. Other freelance jobs that seem to pay well are those connected with a specific company. For example, I used to write for a credit card website, so naturally my writing was centered on credit card tips and advice. There used to be a time when I would try and play around with my sentence structures and get fancy with metaphors, [Read more…]

Technical Writing–Seven Challenges


Freelance technical writing is a great opportunity, but from time to time most technical writers face challenges. Last week I wrote an introductory post about technical writing. When I wrote it I didn’t actually intend for it to sound like a recruiting piece for technical writers, or a plug for the STC. While everything I wrote was true to my own experiences, I did leave out some of the major challenges that all technical writers face. This week I’m going to fix that oversight in this post by listing seven challenges that you may face as a freelance technical writer. [Read more…]

Technical Writing–What’s It Like?


Technical writing–have you ever wondered if it was right for you? As the information economy expands, there are more job opportunities for technical writers.

Corporate Freelance Writing Jobs–Five Places to Find Them


Many writers are interested in finding a corporate freelance writing job. The advantages of a corporate freelance writing job are many: Corporate freelance writing jobs tend to be long term. Also, if you have a contract with a corporation, you can usually count on being paid. Plus, let’s face it, it looks good to have a well-known corporation in your portfolio and on your writing resume. Finding a corporate freelance writing job can seem daunting if you don’t know where to look. In this post, I share five places where you should focus your marketing efforts if your goal is [Read more…]

To Earn More, Offer More


So, you’re a freelance writer and you want to earn more money? Guess what? You’re not alone. Many freelancer writers feel exactly the same way. They’d like to earn more money, but they’re not sure how to go about it getting the jobs with higher pay. Now, I’m going to say something that might absolutely shock you. Good writing isn’t enough. It probably should be, but it’s just not. Good writing alone will not get you those high dollar jobs. There, I said it. Let the lynch mobs line up at the door… The fact is, if you want to [Read more…]

Technical Writing 101: What do technical writers do?

keyboard and screen

by John Hewitt “I thought you guys just wrote stuff down.” – A project manager after hearing what my documentation group needed in order to complete a project. Technical writing is not like most other types of writing. To begin with, you may or may not spend much time writing. The majority of my time is spent reading, researching, and going to meetings. The writing part is straightforward. The main writing goal when creating a technical document is to use the simplest and clearest words possible, and to use them the same way every time. For example, if you write [Read more…]

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