What Contributes to Your Grammar Lapses?


No one is perfect, and I bet that even sticklers for grammar make lapses now and then. The good old principles of the dynamism of language and Mere Exposure Theory are at work here. I have to admit that I can think of some people who won’t want to admit that publicly, though. Over the weekend, I was catching up on some Elementary, a TV series with a modern take on Sherlock Holmes. I was again made aware of how language evolves. In this particular episode, Sherlock is revealed to use text speak when sending text messages. While I make [Read more…]

Why I Don’t Use Text Speak


At my last full time job, everyone used Skype to communicate as we all worked at home. My mornings usually began with a chat with my boss that went something like this: Him: hi how ru? Me: Fine, and you? Him: bsy Me: What’s on tap for today? Him: cn u cll ur client 2 find out what hppned? Me: Of course, I’ll get on it first thing. Him: tnx TTYL Me: Bye. Have a nice day. If you ever Skype with me or if we text chat on the phone, and even on Twitter (most of the time)  I [Read more…]

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