Do You Want Proofreading to Be an Easier Task? Read This.


Proofreading is an inherent part of me. Whenever I write something, I have to proofread it. It’s a habit, and since I am a creature of habit, proofreading is a given. That doesn’t mean that I find it an easy task, though, and it may be the same for some of you. Source For one, it is a well-known fact that going over your own work with the intent of finding mistakes does not always yield good results. You’re biased. Your eyes tend to gloss over mistakes. Typos – misspellings, misplaced punctuation marks, etc. – can easily be overlooked. On [Read more…]

Tips for Getting Your First Freelancing Gig


Most of the novices are simply not aware of the ways of hunting out their first gig. At the same time a number of freelancing advices simply assume that you have fair idea about finding your gigs but the fact is most of them don’t. Hence out of desperation a number of freelancers often end up responding to a number of murkier job listings for unpopular companies and people which could take them for a ride. Hence a number of freelancers simply stop pursuing for work as they become the victim of scams which is often due to their improper [Read more…]

When it Feels Like the World is Against You – Stay Positive in your Job Search


Remaining positive while looking for a job is very easily said, but not all that easy to do. When you spend hours each day looking for a new job or your first step onto the employment ladder, it can be very easy to get downhearted and feel as though that dream job may never come. For a lot of people, the process of searching for a job, typing in the same search so many times that the engines know that you’re looking for jobs in Sheffield or jobs in manufacturing; finding the contact details for the person associated with the [Read more…]

How to Build a Wildly Profitable Conversion Funnel On Autopilot


In an interview with Bryan Eisenberg, leading conversion specialist, he noted businesses spend up to $92 to get someone to their site… and less than one dollar to convert them. Another shocking statistic: 76% of companies do *not* have any form of conversion optimization… and 48% believe they have zero control over conversion. I think that is ridiculous. Conversions are one of the few things you do control. Unlike most marketing efforts – which require third-party sites like Google or Twitter – conversion exists on your site, which puts you in 100% control of your destiny. But can you improve [Read more…]

Editing Techniques for Modern Mediums


In college you learn to abide by AP style, write in neat paragraphs and an academic tone. In the traditional writing format, these rules transferred nicely. However, when it comes to modern mediums, otherwise known as web writing, these rules generally don’t apply. While grammar should still be pristine, it’s more about the content than anything else. As an editor, it’s important that you have an eye for these key differences.

5 Tips to Ensure Maximum Performance When Working for Multiple Clients

There seems to be two kinds of freelancers when it comes to the beginning to a career: those who are afraid to take on more than a single project at a time and those who jump in so deep that they are drowning in orders before they know what they are doing. Most commonly, it is the first type that we see. While freelancers have the ability to do more than one order at once, they are terrified of the risk or missing a deadline to take the chance. But here is a secret that most freelancers who have been [Read more…]

Build Your Arsenal to Better Promote Your Freelance Writing

Man, it just isn’t easy to be a freelance writer sometimes. Sure, you have the ability to set your own hours and rates. You can work from literally anywhere with an Internet connection and you are your own boss. Plus, if you ever need to take time away you can do so. All in all, it is a good career choice, but it still has its difficulties.

Write and Be Merry- How to Make a Vocal Splash without Even Trying


BOO! OK so that’s all I got. That’s my splash. Spectacular wasn’t it? Kidding. Seriously though, all this labor and angst over finding your “voice” as a writer… does it really have to be so damn hard all the time? (Hint: OF COURSE IT DOESN’T.) Sorry, was I shouting? Forgive me, it’s all the pent up passion y’know. Wreaks havoc with my social filters. Anyhoo, you probably already know the usual tips to finding your writing voice and groove, like: Write a lot. Write a lot more. Then write even more.

Monitoring Your Online Reputation as a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is now one of the sources of income for many moms dads and others alike. As a freelance worker, they are free to serve as many clients as they can. They build reputation by submitting works on time and providing high-quality work. The reputation built will then result into new job offers or job referrals from satisfied clients and writers will have increased income. As a writer, you can collect positive reviews from your satisfied clients. However, many potential clients today, go beyond profile reviews. They have now started to dig for more information about you. Below are the tools you can [Read more…]

7 Effective Time Management Tips

Managing your time effectively is very individual and so it’s impossible to tell a person which days and times they will be able to work most effectively. However, there are patterns that you can look at and see if you’re the same as most other people when it comes to working. If you’re trying to work out a timetable in order to help yourself work as efficiently as possible, there are several things you should take into consideration and think about first of all.

Five Simple Ways a Writer Can Improve His Impact


Writing is easy. It’s something many people forget because freelance writing can be a self-defeating endeavor even for those with strong academic skills. It isn’t like completing a math problem where everything has a logical place and you’re guaranteed to do fine so long as the dots are properly connected. Writing is the brooding cousin of painting. Whereas painters use brush strokes to convey an image, writers craft visions with words. The picture is framed by words designed to influence the reader’s perception of whatever is being conveyed. Word choice and flow are important in capturing and maintaining the reader’s [Read more…]

Freelancers Can Budget, Too!

Freelancers have, be definition, a fluid income source. Projects come and go, clients don’t always have steady work, and new opportunities are just around the bend. There is also the somewhat unsteady foundation for many websites, magazines and experimental publishers, which make it hard to know when what payment will be coming when, and for how long. In the past, I have spoken to dozens of other freelancers who seem to agree that this makes budgeting a near impossibility. As a consequence, they end up living from month to month trying to put their money wherever they can, and making [Read more…]

How to Happily Accept Criticism

It has been said that the two most sensitive people in the world are artists and writers. This is often proven in how the two groups take criticism, which is a regular part of our chosen professions. Perhaps this is because we all tend to put so much of ourselves out there when we craft our art. We are opening ourselves up to review, and we all want what we create to be well received. As a blogger, you are even more vulnerable to negativity. Not only are you writing on a much more frequent basis, but you are doing [Read more…]

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