Prospecting for Links and Referral Traffic


You want links and traffic from some of the more popular, well-known bloggers in your niche. You want to promote your content because you you deserve a bigger audience. You want to make money online and need referral traffic to develop the crutial element needed for success. The problem is you’re not sure how to get those popular bloggers to drop you a link, they ignore your emails and don’t write back. Maybe they are too busy. Maybe your content just isn’t all that great in the first place. At least those are the sort of thoughts that begin to [Read more…]

Are You Adding Value To Your Readers?


It depends on who you ask, but I have believed blogging began sometime in the early 1990’s and began it’s explosive evolution sometime in the late 1990’s. I published my first blog post in March 2003. Since it wasn’t until 2005 that the word “blog” was actually added to the dictionary, I’ve always felt myself to be some sort of pioneer. When I first began blogging, it was because I had something to say (and that hasn’t stopped since), however, since those early days, blogging has become one of the most popular forms of “word of mouth” advertising around. Much [Read more…]

Does Guest Blogging Work? Part 1: Traffic


I have  a love hate relationship with guest blogging. On one hand, I enjoy sharing with other bloggers’ communities. The flip side is that as a freelance writing blogger I’m supposed to discourage writing for free. It’s kind of a sticky situation because we complain that too many people are advertising on Craigslist for free labor but then we turn around and offer our expertise to other blogs because they’re supposed to be good marketing. So as you can see, we’re a little contradictory. What I’d like to explore in this series is whether or not guest blogging works. Over [Read more…]

How Do You Support Your Favorite Bloggers?


During our last night at SXSW, my good friends  Andy Hayes, Chris Garrett and I enjoyed some dinner and conversation. Our topic revolved around blog community and whether or not our communities owe us anything for all the information we share. We all agreed that our communities support us in many ways including visiting our blogs every time we post. Without this type of support, there would be no reason to blog at all. I always said that without my community I’m nothing and both Chris and Andy agreed. We appreciate the loyalty of our individual communities and we find [Read more…]

Twitter – Not Quitting Anytime Soon

This week I’ve been talking about time wasters. So far I’ve covered personal time wasters, email time savers, and my editorial calender. Today Twitter. This post will be real short. Twitter does waste some of my time. Some tweets on twitter are totally useless. Will this be a time waster I cut? No. Twitter sends a fair amount of blog traffic my way. Also I stay current on many of the blogs I enjoy via Twitter, which translates into less time spent clicking around, visiting my favorite blogs to see what’s new. Overall it’s a positive service with some time [Read more…]

Balancing Post Count

Reader comment / question: “It annoys me when a blog has 15 or 20 posts a day. To me, it feels like the friend who forwards 15 chain emails a day and also sends 2 or 3 personal emails… I won’t name names, but I subscribe to a couple of blogs that do this. When I get too far behind in reading the posts in my reader, the first thing I do is go to those blogs and mark all their posts as read without reading them. I also tend to skim their posts more often than other blogs because [Read more…]

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