Talk Your Way to a Job

The popularity of social media in today’s job market has made everybody believe they can talk their way to a job. It gives them an excuse to visit their favorite social media site and say they are doing it as a part of their job search. While freelancers and job seekers can find jobs on social media sites, it needs to be handled carefully to be successful. When looking for freelance writing gigs, it is important to let people know you are open to receiving new clients. One of the benefits of social media is the people you are associated [Read more…]

Follow These Freelancers and Enterpreneurs on Quora

A couple of days ago I was chatting with some friends over drinks, and the topic turned to social media. Given the status of about half of us as geeks, this was an in depth discussion that lasted for quite some time. Accompanied by plenty of eye rolling from the other half of our group with little interest in social media outside of playing Farmville. When we talk about the web and technology related fields, those in the group as obsessed as I am will usually agree on the good, the bad and the undecided. But what shocked me was [Read more…]

Can You Use Twitter to Sharpen Your Writing Skills?

Twitter logo

It took me a while to get Twitter, but I have found myself using the microblogging platform more than I use Facebook these days. While your Twitter account is public by default, which can be a big turn off for those who are concerned about privacy, I have discovered the platform to offer more interesting information. The links that people share are more relevant (to my interests). The conversations are snappier and hold my attention longer. And yes, I don’t see gory photos of people who have been injured or are sick and need help. (Don’t get me wrong. I [Read more…]

Tweeting, Googling, and Capitalization

Google Before You Tweet

Do you still remember the days when everyone knew that “tweet” referred to the sound that birds make? Those were the days when there was no confusion as to what the speaker meant. How about the days when your mom may not have known what you meant when you said “Google”? Those days are long gone, and these two words have become so pervasive that even little children know what they mean. More so, kids use them on a regular basis! There is one thing about the use of the words “Twitter”, “Google”, and their derivatives that may not be [Read more…]

10 Interesting Social Media & Blogging Stats


I recently came across a collection of stats as they pertain to social media and blogging. I found it to be a powerful collection of information to have. Especially while reflecting on old blog posts and considering future topics, social media goals and methods in which I can increase my traffic. With this kind of knowledge you can customize a long-term agenda that will fit in line with some of the current trends. When it comes to blogging and social media – now is not the time to get left behind. Social networking usage among seniors 65 and older grew [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for October 18, 2010


Good morning, everyone!  Here is the first group of freelance job leads for the week. Have a wonderful week! New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network Are You Ingenuous or Ingenious? Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing Jobs Article Writer  – Forex (Anywhere) Article Writer/Content Developer (Toronto/Work from Home) Freelance Web Content Writer for The Supplies Guys (Ohio) Web Writer for Non-profit (Washington, DC) Web Content Writer (Virtual) Website/Article Writer (Las Vegas) Blogging Jobs Blogger/Community Manager  – Italy Magazine Boating & Fishing Blogger (Australia) Personal Finance Blogger Blogger – Professional Photographer (USA) Real Estate Blogger for (Boston) Bloggers for Dementia [Read more…]

21st Century Marketing Ideas


Writers have always been faced with the question of how to reach readers with their work. 21st Century writers who want to be successful must also find ways to involve readers in what they do. Make them a part of the process of writing or promoting your book, and they’ll be invested in you and your work. One writer who’s particularly good at this is Robin Sloan, a scifi fiction writer who’s particularly adept at 21st Century marketing. He’s come up with some of the most creative ideas I’ve ever seen, where marketing, writing, and social media interaction with his [Read more…]

(Mis)Communication in the Social Media Age

Social Media Breakfast at SXSW - As you can see we're all chatting, just not with each other.

I miss the pre-social media world sometimes, back then ignorance was bliss. Communicating Back Then Growing up in the 70’s meant no cell phones or Netbooks. We sent all our correspondences via snail mail and any phone calls came to the house or office. Most of us had one phone in our homes, but some of the more well off families had extensions upstairs, and even separate phones for the kids. No one ever called during dinner hours or after 9:00. We received our news from newspapers, magazines or one of a half dozen television stations and always had to [Read more…]

Do You Know What You’re Retweeting?

I’m thinking about retweeting today. Let me rephrase that, because I’m not looking to repeat my day and I’m not planning on using Twitter to send out links to my day over and over again. Rather, on this day, I have retweeting on my mind. I’m just back from a Skype Chat/interview with the lovely proprietrixes of Freak Revolution, Kyeli and Pace. During one of our many tangents, we discussed retweeting and whether or not people are retweeting because they appreciate the Tweet and what it stands for, or if they’re just echoing their favorite guru. Do You Read Before [Read more…]

Feed Your Blogging Addiction with Highly Addictive Links

Bloggers get addicted to all sorts of crazy (and not so crazy) things – coffee, surfing, Twitter and more. With this in mind, here are some super addictive blogging issues to ponder this week. Feast or Famine – how many times do you use this phrase as a writer. At least once a week? Twice a week? More? It’s true this phrase is highly addictive to writers, mainly because it’s true. However, our own Lorna Doone Brewer thinks it’s time we gave this addiction a great big shove off. – Oh my gosh I am so utterly addicted to [Read more…]

Twitter Branding: Are You Confusing Your Followers?

Twitter icon

In the past few months I’ve noticed several freelance writers changing their Twitter handle more often than some of us change toilet paper rolls. I think that’s because when we’re confused about what to call ourselves online, or how to present ourselves to clients, we continue to reinvent ourselves. Here’s something to consider: if you’re confused about your branding, your followers are even more confused. If they don’t know what to call you, they may not call you at all. Hear me out on this one Defining Yourself on Twitter I don’t believe there are any hard and fast rules [Read more…]

Where I Hunt for Freelance Writing Job Leads – and You Should Too!


My list of places to find freelance writing jobs for our daily job lists changes on a regular basis. As I learn of new resources or remove resources that aren’t working for us anymore, I make adjustments to my list. I also like to make these lists available to you from time to time so you can do your own thorough searches for freelance writing jobs. Plus, I think it’s fair to link to those people who make gigs available to us all. Some of these places require a subscription fee, but many are free. I hope you find this [Read more…]

How to Use Twitter Lists to Find Freelance Writers – and Freelance Writing Jobs

tweety bird

Twitter lists have me torn. On one hand, they seem like a popularity contest with the most popular Tweeters landing on the most lists. However, at second glance they become something a lot more useful; directories listing freelance writers and freelance writing clients. Honestly, I don’t know many folks who use the various Twitter lists each day. I ignored them until recently, but finally realized they were valuable both for those looking for work and for clients looking to hire freelance writers. What are Twitter Lists and Why Should I Care? Twitter lists are user-generated lists of people and businesses [Read more…]

How Do You Support Your Favorite Bloggers?


During our last night at SXSW, my good friends  Andy Hayes, Chris Garrett and I enjoyed some dinner and conversation. Our topic revolved around blog community and whether or not our communities owe us anything for all the information we share. We all agreed that our communities support us in many ways including visiting our blogs every time we post. Without this type of support, there would be no reason to blog at all. I always said that without my community I’m nothing and both Chris and Andy agreed. We appreciate the loyalty of our individual communities and we find [Read more…]

3 Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Your Client Base

social media

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I believe there are no right or wrong ways to use social media, and often complain of “social media police” telling us how we should Tweet or use Facebook, However, that doesn’t mean I don’t believe we shouldn’t use social media to give our careers a boost. There may be no exact rules, but there are certainly tried and true methods for using the social networks and other social media tools to achieve success. What I like about using online tools for networking and landing clients is how they’re so [Read more…]

Should you separate social networking from your friends & family?

Darren had an interesting post up last month at Problogger; maybe you caught it – Dear FaceBook Friends, I’m De-Friending Most of You [It’s Not You, It’s Me]. The post was his public rational as to why soon he’d be deleting all his work contacts from his Facebook account. Darren’s not the only one doing this either. Lately I’ve seen many folks creating their own Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts and other work-personalized social network accounts that allow them to specifically network with work pals and contacts vs. personal real-life friends and family. Here’s an example; say your name is [Read more…]

Your Freelance Writing Clients Know You’re Lying


Freelance writing clients are smart cookies. Most of them know when they’re being conned or lied to. In today’s public and open world of freelancing, you can’t call in sick and head to the beach. You can’t claim an aunt died when you really just want a few days off. If you’re going to lie to your clients, keep in mind that in most cases they’ll find out. Don’t Invite Clients to View Your Personal Details if You’re Going to Be Dishonest As freelance writers we work hard, but we still maintain flexible schedules. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t [Read more…]

Are You (Ab)Using Your Online Friends?


Does this sound familiar? You’re an aspiring blogger looking to make yourself known in a popular niche. All the blogging books and blogs tell you in order to do this you have to network heavily including commenting at other top blogs to bring in traffic. You do. You don’t just comment you become THE top commenter. You add your opinion to every single post and even drop some links if you can get away with it. As soon as your blog starts picking up momentum you forget that other blog. You don’t come by and comment or participate in community [Read more…]

How to Find Interview Subjects for Your Blog Posts and Articles

Tape Recorder

Perhaps the most daunting aspect of freelance writing is in finding interview subjects. Many writers are shy or have no idea how to find folks to interview. The thing is, it’s a lot easier than they think. Everyone has something to sell or promote and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who says “no.” Still, unless you have a specific person in mind you might be a little overwhelmed or unsure of the possibilities. Again, finding interview subjects is easy….if you know where to look. Who to Interview? Unless you have a specific person in mind, you might be [Read more…]

Freelance Writing: Nothing Has Changed & Everything Has Changed

The IBM Selectric - the height of technology for many freelance writers in the '80s.

Every now and then I like to focus on the business of freelance writing and how things have changed over the past 25 years. Though I wasn’t freelancing in the mid-80’s to late 90’s, I worked with many freelance writers. I helped to assign articles and chased those who were late on their deadlines. I also acted as a sort of liaison between the accounting department and freelance writers to ensure they received payment. Mostly, I gave them my ear. As assistant to the Editor in Chief, I was one of the few in our company who had my own [Read more…]

40 Lessons Learned in Ten Years as a Freelance Writer

laptop 2

As I was writing 40 Lessons Learned Over Ten Years of Blogging yesterday, I was inspired to also note my lessons learned as a freelance writer. 2010 marks my tenth anniversary as freelancer and while I may not have taken a traditional approach to my career, I still believe there are some important lessons to share. Don’t jump into it blind: When I’m asked to give tips for new writers, my first tip is always to research before beginning. It’s not enough for a writer to wake up one day and say, “I know. I think I’ll write. Yeah…that’s it.” [Read more…]

Twitter fun! Don't take it too seriously

I’m all for Twitter. In fact there have been times I’ve been seriously entrenched in Twitter happenings. However, you can’t take it too seriously. It’s a great social networking tool, a fun way to add some breaks to your day, and a nice way to interact quickly online, but you also gotta consider the flip-side as this video so humorously points out. I just thought we needed a little kick off the week fun – enjoy!

5 Reasons Online Relationships are Important for Freelance Writers


You probably see me on Twitter…a lot. The truth is, I like Twitter for many reasons. for example, it breaks up the monotony of the day when I’m home alone. There’s more to it than that, though. I find the networking to be invaluable. Twitter has enabled me to build on so many different types of relationships with clients, sponsors, community members and friends. In 2010, anyone wishing to be a success in business, needs to consider the various social networks as a way to meet others and build up buzz around a product and brand, even if the brand [Read more…]

Why I Don’t Use Text Speak


At my last full time job, everyone used Skype to communicate as we all worked at home. My mornings usually began with a chat with my boss that went something like this: Him: hi how ru? Me: Fine, and you? Him: bsy Me: What’s on tap for today? Him: cn u cll ur client 2 find out what hppned? Me: Of course, I’ll get on it first thing. Him: tnx TTYL Me: Bye. Have a nice day. If you ever Skype with me or if we text chat on the phone, and even on Twitter (most of the time)  I [Read more…]

Are You Down With Grammar?

by Dawn Allcot I was dismayed to see #DownWithGrammar trending on Twitter the other day. Some people used the hashtag to bemoan their high school English classes, others to confess to bad spelling, and many to make fun of politicians and political signs. Others – and these are the ones I commend – turned the phrase around in a clever play on words: “I’m #downwithgrammar,” JoannaOC tweeted. “That’s why I want the line to be for people with ‘fewer than 10 items’ instead of those with ‘less than ten items.’” If you’re scratching your head at why the first is [Read more…]

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