How Can a Freelancer Build a Web Content Client Base?

You’re not alone. I know that because I get emails asking, “How in the hell can I get decent clients?” on a regular basis. I know that because I see folks quizzing discussion board participants with variations of the same question.

Niche or No?

There is one big question freelance writers must tackle regardless of their experience or career length: niche or no? Newbie writers will read article upon article and blog upon blog touting the importance of finding a niche, picking a niche, taking a niche out on a date…Veterans will find themselves bombarded with articles and posts on when it’s time to leave a niche, switch, combine, create a Frankenstein and give a manic laugh… The truth is – you have a choice. Pro Niche: 1. Building a good reputation as a writer is important. Getting steady work is important as well. [Read more…]

Visuals Count in Web Articles

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Lede (lead), transitions, closing – check. Sound research, supporting facts, eye-catching headline – check. Full editing checklist – completed. You’ve got the perfect web article. It’s going to gain thousands of hits, right? One question: how does it look? Writing for the web is different than writing for print publications. Magazine articles have a lot of help to look pretty for the reader. On the net, many pieces are like the ugly duckling – inside there is a bevy of beauty, but no one can get past the outside. The majority of articles need to be visually appealing for readers [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for July 2, 2010

Hi guys! The weekend is here, and for our friends in the US, you guys are going to enjoy a holiday weekend.  Happy 4th of July everyone! New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network Introducing the Professional Life of Susan Gunelius Saying Goodbye is “Never” Easy However…Making Transitions Count Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing Jobs Web Content Writer – Missouri Writers for Writer for Media Javelin Environmental Writer Blogging Jobs Business Blog Writer Writer for Dance Music Blog Copy Writing Jobs Freelance Pharma Copywriter – D2P (New York, NY) Ma1L Freelance Copywriter Social Media Marketing Copywriter for Beauty Products/Services [Read more…]

On Bad Writing, Bad Proofreading and Responsibility


Credit where it’s due: Carson Brackney’s most recent post discusses Angela Hoy’s latest  rant against content sites and the people who write for them. In his post, “Content Mills, Angela Hoy, Search Engines and the Quality of Writng” Carson explores who really bears responsibility for bad content. This isn’t to argue Carson’s point, more to discuss the difference between bad writing and bad proofreading and also to touch a little on the responsibility part. I was going to leave a comment on Carson’s blog but it got too wordy, so I’m sharing my thoughts here. Warning: This is kind of [Read more…]

About Suite 101: An Interview with Editor in Chief Colin Smith

Suite101 logo

Deb’s note: This interview is part one in a series featuring content sites. As there have been much speculation and a few rather lopsided “investigations” regarding content sites, I thought it would be fair to talk to the people behind the content sites and let them tell the FWJ community a little about what they do, the benefits to their writers and why their sites are unique. Please note, these interviews aren’t endorsements, freelancers are always encouraged to make the decisions that work out best for them. In 1999, when I first began looking for freelance writing work, I came [Read more…]

How Long Does it REALLY Take You to Write an Article?

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Credit where it’s due: Just got done reading Laura Spencer’s “Writing Thoughts vs. The Five Minute Article Writer.” It has me thinking a lot about article writing and what goes into writing a good article. Can you write an article in five minutes? Me either. How about 30 minutes? Yes, sometimes. You see, I used to be a wedding writer. I worked for a wedding publication and wrote over 500 articles (over the course of a few years) for a wedding website. Though I know a little about weddings, I’m not an expert. There have been times when I wrote [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for April 28, 2009

I’m not sure how long this unseasonably warm weather will last, but I’m enjoying it while I can. I’ve been working from my back deck enjoying the fresh air after being cooped up for the last several months. Freelance writers are portable. We can take our laptops and travel anywhere we want. I’ve been known to get stuff done at piano lessons, the park and I’m a fixture at the local coffee shop. Where do you go to work when you don’t want to deal with the same old scenery? Leads… Bloggers for Established Job Board Insurance & Finance Related [Read more…]

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