The financial benefits of working at home – what you earn and save


Working from home has many financial benefits. It is also true that the benefits are not merely financial. For example, a home business allows you to strike a balance between your career and family. But instead of focusing on the emotional and personal benefits, I want to keep it business related – so I am only going to discuss the financial side of working from home and earning your income online. 1. You make the money This is what both motivates and scares people that decide that they want to work from home – your income is directly proportional to [Read more…]

Going Green in Your Writing Office

Bring up the topic of green living and people think recycling and light bulbs. These are, of course, important parts of caring for the environment, but they are not the only things each of us can do to save, reduce and reuse resources. The office presents several opportunities to lessen our personal impact on the world around us. Paper Control Cut back on paper use. Writer’s use a lot of paper, including to hand -edit pieces. That’s why it’s important to keep a bin next to the printer to deposit used paper. The paper is can be reused for back-side printing, [Read more…]

Writing From Home


I’m a work-at-home father of two and a full-time writer. I write for blogs like this one, I write books, and I write whatever print freelance assignments come along in between. I’m not here to tell you what an unbelievable challenge working at home can be. If you’re reading this blog, I’m sure you already know. Instead, I’m going to share with you some strategies for overcoming the work-at-home obstacles. In the many years I’ve been doing it, I’ve noticed a phenomenon that’s utterly unique to stay-at-home workers. I call it the ATOOTC Principle. We stay-at-home workers desperately long to [Read more…]

Separation, Integration and Working as a Freelance Writer: My Peas are Touching My Meat (and it’s Good)

I realized that I don’t really want a separation between the professional and the personal. I don’t want regular hours, a regimented schedule or a sign on the door of my basement office.

Screw separation. I want integration.

When Freelance Writers Need a Wake Up Call

In order to encourage the freelancer writers in this community, I like to keep the tone light and positive. Though I don’t take the “in your face” approach to blogging, I’ll agree that there are plenty of times when freelance writes need to have the truth laid out for them in order to view all sides of the picture. With that in mind, I’d like to discuss some of the things that aren’t so pleasant and hopefully inspire struggling freelancers to re-evaluate their career choices and goals. To be perfectly blunt, there are times freelance writers need a wake up [Read more…]

Managing Full Time Blogging & Kids ALL Summer Long

Deb just posted some excellent summer options for work-at-home parents and they’re handy but I have a few more suggestions along with some helpful tips. Summer, for me is a little like 3 months worth of chaos. Not only does my son’s free school shut down, but my partner’s kiddos are at the house more. Three kids + FT paid blogging + FT self-run projects = insanity on my part. It’s like a much longer winter break; ugh. First read managing work in a chaotic household for some general help then keep reading below for some summer specific tips. Summer [Read more…]

10 Reasons Why the WAHM Thing Might Not Be Working Out


I left my day job exactly 8 years ago to become a freelance writing WAHM. Prior to that I worked as a freelance writer for two years while still juggling a full time day job. Freelancing from both sides of the fence wasn’t always easy, especially when just starting out. Thankfully I worked hard and stuck with it. Thankfully, I was successful and didn’t have to return back to an office job. Working at Home: It’s Not What You Think In ten years time, I’ve seen many of my fellow WAHMs start a business but go back to full time [Read more…]

Managing work in a chaotic household

The other day in my job sucks more than yours we looked at some of the perils of working at home. From distracting kids, to friends and family who believe you’re sitting around eating bon bons all day, to finding a coffee shop with non-sticky tables and more, working at home can be a nightmare at times. Here’s how to make it better… Have a dedicated office space with a door you can shut: If you can’t have this now, or don’t foresee having this in the very near future, working at home honestly may not work out unless you [Read more…]

My job sucks more than your job – no really

In the game of “My job sucks more than yours” I NEVER win. Because my job doesn’t suck. Not a lot, not a little, not even a smidgen. At least not according to anyone I’ve ever met. That’s because I’ve managed to do what a lot of people want to do but can’t – I work at home (writing no less – ah glorious writing) and actually make a living at it. However, right now know where I am? I’m outside, on the porch, in 30 degree weather typing away as my fingers turn an ever so pretty shade of [Read more…]

Writing Through Chaos: The REAL Truth About Working from Home

bunny slippers

Last week New Jersey schools closed in order for teachers and other educators to attend the NJEA convention. Mind you, this conference is only two days, but because parents usually take their kids out of school for the entire week anyway, the schools shut down for the entire week this year. Clearly, we have our priorities in order. My son is one of the handful of kids who usually attends school if it’s open during this time. He sits forlornly on the near-empty school bus and the sound of his footsteps echo as he walks down the quiet hallway to [Read more…]

Is Your ‘WAHMiness’ Getting in the Way?

bunny slippers

“I’m not looking for a WAHM,” the potential client told me. “I’m looking for a writer.” Whoa. Does that mean that work at home moms can’t be writers?  While you and I both know that there are hundreds of talented WAHMs earning a very good living, the truth is, we get a bum rap.  People associated WAHMs with mommy blogging and party plans, they don’t associate us with serious writing. If you find your WAHMiness is getting in the way, consider the following: No one knows or cares if men or dads are working at home – Do we see [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for October 5, 2009

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week and a clean slate. Hope it’s a good start for you. I want to congratulate a friend of FWJ, Sandy Mitchel, on publishing her second book. Sandy has been a member of this community for years and we worked many of the same places. It’s a treat to be able to witness Sandy’s success. Check out “Cleveland’s Slavic Village” and support a long time member of the FWJ community. Here’s what’s new around the network: Is Writer’s Block an Excuse for Procrastination? 8 Places to Network Offline Weekend News and Awesomeness Winning [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Long weekends always throw me off. There was a four day weekend from school and I don’t even know what day it is at this point! Though in the back of my mind I know it is, indeed, Tuesday, my body and my typing fingers are on Monday mode. Leads… Sports Writer for Bleacher Report Tech News Blogger for the Inquisitr – $1000/month Snowboard, BMX & Wakeboard Bloggers Freelance Regional Reporter – Kennesaw GA – $75/article Beatles Fan for Editing Book Ghost Writer for Unfinished Novel SEO Copywriters Writers for Energy and Environmental Web Community Stringer for Hudson County(NJ) News [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for May 5, 2009

My biggest challenge as a blogger is proofreading. Because I have so many things going on at once, I tend to post and run – without checking my work. It’s not until I start receiving negative comments here (and on other blogs) and nasty emails that I realize I did it again. Even though I turn in my clients’ work after reading it over several times, it’s still a good reminder for me to be careful what I post to my blogs, even if they are more personal. For instance, if I want to use FWJ as a reference for [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for May 4, 2009

Do you use an editorial calendar? I have one, it helps me to stay on track – and I don’t know what I would do without it. I know many writers have fancy programs, but I never invested too much in my editorial calendar. Up until a few months ago, I used a giant wall calendar, now I use  my Outlook. I’m the type of person who needs bells and whistles to go off so I can have reminders. If I don’t log everything I need to do, I’ll become forgetful. What do you use to keep track of all [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for April 28, 2009

I’m not sure how long this unseasonably warm weather will last, but I’m enjoying it while I can. I’ve been working from my back deck enjoying the fresh air after being cooped up for the last several months. Freelance writers are portable. We can take our laptops and travel anywhere we want. I’ve been known to get stuff done at piano lessons, the park and I’m a fixture at the local coffee shop. Where do you go to work when you don’t want to deal with the same old scenery? Leads… Bloggers for Established Job Board Insurance & Finance Related [Read more…]

Separating Work from Home When You Work from Home

I’ve long maintained folks who work at home work more hours than our commuting counterparts. For many of us, if the computer is on, we’re at work. We just can’t shut down. Last weekend I learned an important lesson because I didn’t shut off Skype and ended up working most of the holiday weekend. Where do you draw the line when you work at home? The way I see it, the problem is twofold: Set Business Hours When I worked a regular 9 to 5 job it was easy for me to get in my home frame of mind. I [Read more…]

Typical Conversations I Have

This conversation happened with a family member this week; but friends are guilty too, and honestly, this could be any old week of my life. Family: We’re having this get-together Saturday! You have to come. Me: I can’t, you know I work weekends. Family: But why. Me: Like I’ve said before, if I don’t get enough work done on the weekend, it cuts into homeschool time (for those who don’t know, I homeschool my son). Family: Well, that’s dumb, you can take a few hours off. Me: Yeah, on a weekday. Family: But everyone else works on the weekdays. Me: [Read more…]

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