The financial benefits of working at home – what you earn and save


Working from home has many financial benefits. It is also true that the benefits are not merely financial. For example, a home business allows you to strike a balance between your career and family. But instead of focusing on the emotional and personal benefits, I want to keep it business related – so I am […]

Going Green in Your Writing Office

Bring up the topic of green living and people think recycling and light bulbs. These are, of course, important parts of caring for the environment, but they are not the only things each of us can do to save, reduce and reuse resources. The office presents several opportunities to lessen our personal impact on the […]

Separation, Integration and Working as a Freelance Writer: My Peas are Touching My Meat (and it’s Good)

I realized that I don’t really want a separation between the professional and the personal. I don’t want regular hours, a regimented schedule or a sign on the door of my basement office.

Screw separation. I want integration.

When Freelance Writers Need a Wake Up Call

In order to encourage the freelancer writers in this community, I like to keep the tone light and positive. Though I don’t take the “in your face” approach to blogging, I’ll agree that there are plenty of times when freelance writes need to have the truth laid out for them in order to view all […]

Managing Full Time Blogging & Kids ALL Summer Long

Deb just posted some excellent summer options for work-at-home parents and they’re handy but I have a few more suggestions along with some helpful tips. Summer, for me is a little like 3 months worth of chaos. Not only does my son’s free school shut down, but my partner’s kiddos are at the house more. […]

Managing work in a chaotic household

The other day in my job sucks more than yours we looked at some of the perils of working at home. From distracting kids, to friends and family who believe you’re sitting around eating bon bons all day, to finding a coffee shop with non-sticky tables and more, working at home can be a nightmare […]

My job sucks more than your job – no really

In the game of “My job sucks more than yours” I NEVER win. Because my job doesn’t suck. Not a lot, not a little, not even a smidgen. At least not according to anyone I’ve ever met. That’s because I’ve managed to do what a lot of people want to do but can’t – I […]

Writing Through Chaos: The REAL Truth About Working from Home

bunny slippers

Last week New Jersey schools closed in order for teachers and other educators to attend the NJEA convention. Mind you, this conference is only two days, but because parents usually take their kids out of school for the entire week anyway, the schools shut down for the entire week this year. Clearly, we have our […]