Why Freelance Writers Need to Take Time Off (Like Regular Employees)

freelance writers need to take time off

Regular employees may be bound to their desks from 9 to 5, with regulated breaks in between, but they do enjoy perks that freelance writers may not. We don’t have company subsidized health insurance, for example. We don’t have overtime pay. We don’t have paid vacation and sick days off. All of these things are […]

How to Be Productive Without Losing Your Sense of Self

Self Employed

Passionate professionals are vulnerable to becoming so driven by work that personal well-being is no longer a priority. The autonomous, and often isolating, nature of freelancing heightens that risk for independent contractors. Are you concerned that your need for optimum work efficiency is overriding your personal needs? Take these cues on how to maintain professional […]

10 Ways to Stop Multitasking

Cubicle series: the Multitasker

Yesterday we discussed multitasking, or why it’s a bad idea. Of course, talking about it is one thing, actually stopping is a whole other story. Those of us who juggle family, home and kids may feel as if we have no choice. However, since I stopped multitasking for work, I find I’m much more productive. […]

Separating Work from Home When You Work from Home

I’ve long maintained folks who work at home work more hours than our commuting counterparts. For many of us, if the computer is on, we’re at work. We just can’t shut down. Last weekend I learned an important lesson because I didn’t shut off Skype and ended up working most of the holiday weekend. Where […]