Writers, Do You Take Care of Yourself?

writers take care of yourself

Working from home was my dream job, and it still is. I am living my dream, and it allows me to earn a decent living. It’s not always easy, but it’s even better than I had expected. Then recently, it was brought to my attention that I haven’t been taking care of myself the way I used to. It took me a while to accept and understand that, but here I am writing about work at home writers taking care of themselves. I’m writing this post for two reasons: to ask what you do to take care of yourself so [Read more…]

How to Be Productive Without Losing Your Sense of Self

Self Employed

Passionate professionals are vulnerable to becoming so driven by work that personal well-being is no longer a priority. The autonomous, and often isolating, nature of freelancing heightens that risk for independent contractors. Are you concerned that your need for optimum work efficiency is overriding your personal needs? Take these cues on how to maintain professional productivity without sacrificing your sense of self. Write a Mission Statement If you are self-employed then you are your business. Draw inspiration from the private and non-profit sectors by crafting a mission statement that outlines your freelance career goals. When drafting your mission, start by [Read more…]

Is Your Computer Killing You?

Is Your Computer Killing You

They say writers tend to be introverted and talk to themselves. I’ve even heard it said that writers are more paranoid than normal. My response to that: As Whoopi Goldberg said, “normal is just a cycle on the washing machine”! That being said, I think it is totally reasonable to ask the question, “Is your computer killing you?” without running the risk of being labeled as nuts. After all, we know how spending excessive amounts of time in front of the computer can be bad for the health; and as writers, we probably spend more time with the computer than [Read more…]

10 Ways to Stop Multitasking

Cubicle series: the Multitasker

Yesterday we discussed multitasking, or why it’s a bad idea. Of course, talking about it is one thing, actually stopping is a whole other story. Those of us who juggle family, home and kids may feel as if we have no choice. However, since I stopped multitasking for work, I find I’m much more productive. I also have time to spend with my family. Today, I’d like to share: 10 Ways to Stop Multitasking Set up a block of time to work without interruption: I like setting business hours. This tells the neighbors it’s not a good time for coffee [Read more…]

Separating Work from Home When You Work from Home

I’ve long maintained folks who work at home work more hours than our commuting counterparts. For many of us, if the computer is on, we’re at work. We just can’t shut down. Last weekend I learned an important lesson because I didn’t shut off Skype and ended up working most of the holiday weekend. Where do you draw the line when you work at home? The way I see it, the problem is twofold: Set Business Hours When I worked a regular 9 to 5 job it was easy for me to get in my home frame of mind. I [Read more…]

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