Freelance Writing Jobs for January 26, 2010

If you’ve been enjoying all the different markets we’re posting on the Freelance Writing Jobs home page lately, I hope you’ll stop by later today. I put together a treat for you. After this week, there’ll be no excuse for not earning money as a freelance writer. Enjoy today’s lists Apply for and land any new gigs lately? Tell us about it in the comments! New at the Freelance Writing Jobs network 21 Poetry Markets The Brand New Jeans Approach to Freelance Writing Recommended reading from around the blogopshere 3 Smart Google Search Tips to Hunt for Guest Post Opportunities [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for January 13, 2010

Ugh. I keep typing 2009 instead of 2010. Your Daily Lists Enjoy your daily lists. New from around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network About Demand Studios: An Interview with SVP Content & Editorial Jeremy Reed There’s No Job Security in Freelance Writing: How to Be Indispensable A Review for the Technically Challenged: My Droid Eris NAGG Has Spoken: It’s Twenty Ten Day 2: Five Ways to Enhance Your Writing Skills Who Can Work When There’s So Much to Do? Recommended reading from around the blogosphere Calculating Your Worth as a Blogger at the Blog Herald Five Ways to Start a [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Janaury 4, 2010

It’s a true clean slate Monday. We’re at a new week, new month new year and even a brand new decade. I’m all for new beginnings and like to use times like this to start fresh, don’t you? What are going to do with your clean slate? Your Daily Lists New around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network: Not a Best of: The Freelance Writing Jobs Networks Highlights of 2009 3 Words for 2010: Focus, Community and Positivity A List of Lists: 70 Posts About Freelance Writing and Freelance Writing Jobs How Much Would Your Freelance Writing Business Pick Up if [Read more…]

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