Freelance Writing Jobs for July 6, 2010

Good morning everyone!  Here are your jobs leads for today.  Hopefully, they’ll help with the hangover that you may have from the holiday. New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network Introducing the Personal Life of Susan Gunelius Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing Jobs Writer – Online Advertising (SEM) – Chicago Blogging Jobs Bloggers for Design Blog Blog and Article Freelancer Online Shopping Blogger/Writer Copy Writing Jobs Auto Insurance Writer Interactive Copywriter (Minnesota and Michigan) Copywriter P/T (Oahu) Proofreading/Editing Jobs Editor/Proofreader (North Beach Hill/Telegraph Hill) Journalism Jobs Political Writer (Johnston, RI) Independent Writers Wanted (Austin, TX) Freelance Journalists for Katachi Media [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for June 25, 2010

Hello, FWJ Friends! It’s the end of the week, and here are your writing leads for today. New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network Three Things to Do When You Lose Your Editor Found a New Blog…Oh Dear What is Outsourcing, and Does it Embarrass You? Writing Divas Need Not Apply Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing Jobs Green Real Estate Content Writer Rockstar Writer for New Company Web Content Writer Email Content Writer Federal Government HR App Expert Writers Finance Writer – NC Blogging Jobs Blog About Drums and Drummers Poker Writer/Blogger Wanted Financial Blogger Self Improvement Blogger Wanted Copy [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for June 15, 2010

Good morning FWJ Friends! Here are your freelance writing job leads for this Tuesday morning. New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network Freelance Writing Jobs Sold to Splashpress Media Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing Jobs Educational Content Creators Writers and Bloggers @ Outdora Content Editor @ Parenting Squad Freelance Writer Review Writers – Boston Consumer Search Seeking Writers Writers Needed for Cowboys Fan Web Site Dietitian/Nutrition Specialist Male Fitness Guru Content Writer for Lead-Safe Work Practices Articles Blogger Jobs Automotive Writing for Blog Sports Blogger Wanted Blogger/Internet Writer – St. Petersburg, FL Copy Writing Jobs Freelance Senior Copywriter – New [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for May 24, 2010

We had some fun discussions at the FWJ Facebook page over the weekend. Feel free to drop by and chime in. New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network Top 10 Things Writing Blogs Tell You That You Already Know When Freelance Writers Need a Wake Up Call Nine Tips to Becoming a Better Writing Mentor 10 Popular Article Writing Questions – Answered! Freelance Writing Business Fears Recommended Reading 8 Must Do’s for Aspiring Writers at Altitude How to Write Your Ass Off at CopyBlogger Freelance Writing 101 at Daily Writing Tips Benefits of Networking: An Introduction at Fuel Your Writing [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs: Clean Slate Monday Edition

Every Monday is a like clean slate. How will you make a positive start? New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network The Freelance Writers Guide to Passive Income Your Turn: Freelance Writing Rates and Pay – To Disclose or Not to Disclose Freelance Writers and Typo Paranoia Nine Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Mentor Freelance Writing Business – Outsourcing and the Value Add Recommended Reading Easy Solutions to Web Production’s Most Common Problems at 10,000 Words Why I’ll Hire You: The Money Side at About Freelance Writing 7 Ways to Win New Business at Chris Brogan Why [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for May 4, 2010

Yesterday I thought it was the 2nd and today I’m thinking it’s the 5th. Clearly my weekend off wasn’t enough time away. New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network We’re In the Ideas Business 55 More “Write for Us” Pages Does Guest Blogging Work? Part 1: Traffic Pay Less to Uncle Sam by Tracking Your Tax Write Offs Now Are You Afraid of Growth? Recommended Reading 8 Things College Journalists Should Do Before they Graduate at 10,000 Words Public Speaking Tips to Improve Your Blog at Blogging Tips Three Business Lessons from a Minnesota Lake at Carson Brackney Getting the [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for March 17, 2010

It’s good to be back home! My trip to Austin for SXSW was awesome and productive, but after almost a week away, I’m ready to get back to it.  A lot of interesting stuff came from my trip, some I’ll bring to you here. As mentioned in other posts, I’m in the process of writing a book and have decided to blog about my experience writing and trying to find a publisher to share with the Freelance Writing Jobs community. I hope those of you who are considering writing books will benefit from this experience. New around the Freelance Writing [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for March 9, 2010

I’m heading to Austin on Thursday to cover South by Southwest, and I’ll be gone for several days. We’re blogging ahead, plus there will be some special guest posters during that time. Jodee Redmond begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting will be stopping by here to make sure you still get your daily dose of leads. I’m looking forward to the conference and planning a special meetup for members of the Freelance Writing JObs community who will be there. I look forward to bringing you the highlights. New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network Four Types of Freelance Writing Sites We SHOULD Be Discussing When [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for March 8, 2010

Yesterday as I was doing a little outside cleanup I noticed the very tips of my crocuses peeking out of the mulch surrounding my mailbox. Seeing green plus this weekend’s fifty plus degree weather did wonders for my frame of mind. The air is full of promise and it shows in everything I do. Here’s hoping your winter blues are fading… New around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network 10 Turnoffs Keeping Readers from My Blog How to Land Your First Freelance Writing Job The Argument Against Multiple Blogging 3 Lessons Learned from Yankee Doodle Contracting Vs Freelancing in Large Corporations [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for February 25, 2010

The East Coast is being hit with yet another blizzard today. Snow days, boots, heavy coats, and less productivity are on tap. What’s on your agenda today? This past week has been positive, productive and absolutely rocked. when I have good days I wake up the next morning and ask myself “How will I top yesterday.” Tell me, how will you top yesterday? Enjoy today’s lists: New around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network Your Turn: What Makes a Qualified Freelance Writing Blogger? Time Management and the Business of Freelancing 5 Realistic Organization Tips from a Notoriously Disorganized Person Demand Studios [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for February 24, 2010

Enjoy your daily lists! New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network 50 Submission Guidelines Pages Demand Studios Announces eHow Premium Article Writers to Receive $80 per Article Average Pay for Blog Posts Recommended Reading from Around the Blogosphere Recommended reading will return tomorrow. Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing Jobs HR Subject Matter Articles for iWorkwell – $20 – $100/article SEO Intern – Telecommute OK Blogger Jobs Blogger for GFI Software Proofreading/Editing Jobs Editor – NYC – $300/month Medical Editors & Medical Language Specialists Freelance Technology News Editors Freelance Editor in Chief – Washington DC Copywriting Jobs Freelance Copywriter – Smithtown [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for February 23, 2010

Enjoy your day  – and your daily lists! New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network How to Raise Your Freelance Writing Bar and Get the Big Bucks How to Research Freelance Writers for Freelance Writing Jobs Recommended reading from around the blogosphere Spice Up Food Journalism with Multimedia and Interactivity at 10,000 Words Program Your Brain for Writing Success in 7 Easy Steps at ProCopy Tips Top 10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Twitter at ProBlogger Freelance Writing Jobs Submission Guidelines: Adoptive Families: Unpecified Pay Back to College: Pays $50 – $80/article Traveler’s Tales: $100/story Fantasy & [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for February 22, 2010

Good morning Freelance Writing Jobs community. I had a full on working weekend, yet didn’t even cross off half the items on my “to do” list. Mind you, that’s not a complaint.  I did some fun family things, but mostly the other residents of Casa Ng were doing their own things and it was a good time for me to play catch up. Someone once asked me if I wouldn’t rather spend weekends doing what I enjoy. The truth is, I enjoy my work and I’m not quick to ditch it once the weekend comes around.  I’m a workaholic for [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for February 19, 2010

Enjoy your daily lists! New around the freelance writing jobs network Rewarding Your Long Term Freelance Writing Clients for their Customer Loyalty What I’ve Learned as a “Newbie” Freelance Writer Building a Blog Into a Blog Network Without Funding, Backing or Partners How to Keep Your Cool: Getting Over Freelance Blogging Slumps Clients Just Hate Those “Yes” Men Recommended reading from the blogosphere An Open Letter to b5media Bloggers 7 Tips for Profitable Niche Blogging at ProBlogger 20 New Media Jobs – Not Freelance – at Media Jobs Daily The Daily Writing Tips Poetry Competition I Can’t Write and So [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for February 18, 2010

So how is everyone doing with their freelance writing goals for 2010. I know I’ve asked this before but I like to check and see where everyone is, and if you’re still keeping true to your goals and resolutions. I’m so far so good. Definitely building up my own stuff, with some setbacks that have nothing to do with freelance writing. For example, the recent blizzards and having children in the house for days at a time did serve as a distraction. I can’t complain though, the Freelance Writing Jobs network is off to a great start in 2010, I’m [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for February 17, 2010

Enjoy your daily lists and freelance writing jobs! If you haven’t already taken the freelance writing jobs survey, please do so! New around the Freelance Writing Jobs network Do You Know What You’re Selling? Successfully Marketing Your Online Freelance Writing Business b5Media: I’m in a Better Place Now b5Media Layoffs Are a Good Reminder to Spread Those Freelance Writing Eggs Around Freelance Writing Cabin Fever: 5 Tips for Dealing with a Snow In 4 Measures to Put Into Place So Your Clients Won’t Rip You Off When to Refuse Work Recommended reading from around the blogosphere How Many Ways Can [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for February 16, 2010

New around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network The Dark Side of Freelance Writing: When Clients Don’t Pay 4 Measures to Put in Place So Your Freelance Writing Clients Don’t Rip You Off A Grammatically Correct President’s Day Ad Recommended reading will return tomorrow Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing Jobs Healthcare Industry Subject Matter Experts Write About Freelancing Home Design Writer – $50/hour Article Writer Needed Write About Home Brewing Beer Writer for Website – San Francisco Real Estate/Business Writer Freelance Food & Lifestyle Writers – Kansas City Hunting & Fishing Writer – Upstate NY Website Writer/Editor – South Florida Blogger [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for February 15, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year and happy belated Valentine’s Day. Welcome to another clean slate Monday where we forget any negativity or missteps of the past week and make a fresh start. What will you do for your positive beginning? Enjoy your daily lists: New around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network Do Not as I Do: My Ten Most Embarrassing Freelance Writing Moments Freelance Writing Jobs You’re Not Feeling: 3 Tips for Getting Through the Clunkers Your Turn: What’s Your Definition of a “Good” Freelance Writing Job A Peek into My Freelance Writing Portfolio and a Few Valuable Lessons To Earn [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for February 12, 2010

As you can see, we did quite a bit of digging out yesterday. It’s been a long couple of days, but it looks like life is returning back to normal. Enjoy your daily lists and have a wonderful weekend. New around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network 40 Lessons Learned in Ten Years as a Freelance Writer Recommended reading from around the blogosphere Valentines for Journalists at 10,000 Words 3 Reasons Why Expertise Costs Money at Altitude Branding How to Apply for Freelance Blogger Work (Yes There’s a Right Way) at Blog Herald Build Ecosystems for Your Content at Chris Brogan [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for February 11, 2010

So as of Wednesday evening, we’ve been socked with a foot of snow and another five to ten inches expected over night. Part of me is thankful I have a job that enables me to stay inside during such weather, and part of me wishes I could take a snow day too. Freelance Writing Jobs Community News Did you know we post community news to our weekly newsletter? If you received and award or accolade, published a book, launched a product or any other good news to share, send it to us at wegetletters(at) for inclusion in the weekly newsletter. [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for February 10, 2010

Good morning, Freelance Writing Jobs community. School is canceled for today and possibly tomorrow, thanks to the impending blizzard, so I’m working ahead on Tuesday night. Another reminder of how it’s good to have a backup plan in place for every situation. That isn’t to say I can’t work when my son is at home, just that it’s harder to get as much done. Besides, I may want to go outside and do some sledding or have a snowball fight. Wherever you are I hope you’re warm and dry. Check in and tell us what’s going on in your neck [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for February 9, 2010

No time for chit chat. I have a sinking feeling school will be canceled tomorrow and for the rest of the week so I have to plan ahead. Your daily lists: New around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network: 48 Celebrity Book Authors Should You Trust Your Freelance Writing Clients with Personal Information? How to Spend Your Tax Refund Please Welcome Some New Bloggers to the FWJ Team Recommend reading from around the blogosphere: Freelancers Vs. Salaried Employees at Catalyst Blogger Pursue the Goal Not the Method at Chris Brogan The Art of Shameless Self Promotion at Copyblogger 20 Criminal Terms [Read more…]

Freelance Writer/Blogger familiar with Medical/Healthcare world (non-technical)

Ongoing content writing for company blog – minimum of 4 articles/posts per month Content must be edgy and healthcare related but focused on consumers. Company is a web 2.0 company where people can book appointments online with a healthcare provider. email:[email protected] with one or two samples of content.

Freelance Writing Jobs for December 29, 2009

Enjoy your daily lists. New Around the Network Deb’s note: Sorry, I’ve been remiss. I have been away from my laptop for a few days and have no updates to the homepage. Look forward to more good stuff today. Meanwhile the rest of the FWJ team has been keeping busy: A Rate You Can Live With Brainstorming Techniques #1 No Jargon Allowed: Keep it Simple When Applying for a Writing Gig The Rate Question: Is That the Best You Can Do? I Want This Gig Recommended Reading: Who Are You? Fundamental Mistakes on Writer’s Websites at Angela Booth’s Fab Freelance [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Monday, December 21, 2009

Disclaimer: Berringer’s awesome Pinot Grigio kept me company as I trolled the Internet for leads on Sunday night. I probably shouldn’t be held totally accountable for any bad leads in this blog post. Now that James Chartrand hub bub is dying down, I’d like to propose a different perspective (inspired by an email sent to me over the weekend.) If man announced he took on a woman’s identity for the past four years, for the same reason, would we be as accepting or would we think it was a little creepy? Discuss… Jodee will be back tomorrow and handle your [Read more…]

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