Patience and the Long-Distance Blogger

Blogging offers writers great rewards. We get to share our words with others. We educate and entertain. If we’re really lucky, our blogs generate income or interest from book agents. To do any of this, however, you need readers, and in the early days of any blog, readers are hard to come by.

What Does it Take to be a Freelance Writer?

I’ve been a (more than) full-time writer for ten years.  It takes talent, ambition and the ability to manage your time and money to be successful. Contrary to popular belief, you can be a successful freelance writer without starting your own business. However, if you have a habit of slacking or procrastinating, this probably isn’t […]

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Picking the Best Freelance Job

I usually have about seven projects at a time, and they’re not all created equal. As a successful freelance writer, I’ve been on the wrong end of a bad job. However, there are some warning signs that are easy to miss. If a job posting requires numerous, generic forms, you’ll be drowning in paperwork and […]

Freelance Writing Jobs for March 8, 2012

Times flies and it’s Thursday already. Here then are our lists of freelance writing jobs that you might want to consider. Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing 1. Non-English content translator (Home-based) Blogging Jobs 1. Blogger (Mission District) 2. Freelance blogger for New York Knicks (NJ) 3. Dermatology blogger Copywriting Jobs 1. Freelance copywriter (Hawaii) 2. […]

Freelance Writing Jobs for March 7, 2012

It’s Wednesday now and hope you’re having a great week. Please find below freelance writing jobs that you might be interested in. Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing 1. Freelance finance writers (Telecommute) 2. Freelance entertainment writers (Telecommute) 3. Freelance writer for Lawyers Weekly (MA) 4. Online newspaper writer (Telecommute) Blogging Jobs 1. Freelance blogger Copywriting […]

How You, as a Writer, Can Find Your Creative Voice

Writing is a hobby that many enjoy. It allows us to contribute information through our words, touch people’s emotions and even vent our own. We can stir up passion for causes, help others improve their lives, or just pass on a story that has been simmering in our own minds that can be shared with […]

Five Simple Ways a Writer Can Improve His Impact


Writing is easy. It’s something many people forget because freelance writing can be a self-defeating endeavor even for those with strong academic skills. It isn’t like completing a math problem where everything has a logical place and you’re guaranteed to do fine so long as the dots are properly connected. Writing is the brooding cousin […]

Freelance Writing Jobs for June 25, 2010

Hello, FWJ Friends! It’s the end of the week, and here are your writing leads for today. New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network Three Things to Do When You Lose Your Editor Found a New Blog…Oh Dear What is Outsourcing, and Does it Embarrass You? Writing Divas Need Not Apply Freelance Writing Jobs Content […]

Freelance Writing Jobs for June 22, 2010

Good morning FWJ Friends! Here are your leads for today. New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network Copyright 101 for Freelance Writers at the Writer’s Success Resource Center 4 Questions that Can Reduce the Workload on the Road Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing Jobs Freelance Political/Finance Writer Can You Write? Local Quality Freelance Writers Wanted […]

Freelance Writing Jobs for June 21, 2010

Good Monday morning freelance writing friends! It’s the start of a new week. What are you doing to make it a positive and productive one? New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network How to Show Your Freelance Writing Prospects that You Mean Business How to Become an Effective Freelance Writing Editor 5 Things Freelance Writers […]