Freelance Writing Jobs for February 10, 2010

Good morning, Freelance Writing Jobs community. School is canceled for today and possibly tomorrow, thanks to the impending blizzard, so I’m working ahead on Tuesday night. Another reminder of how it’s good to have a backup plan in place for every situation. That isn’t to say I can’t work when my son is at home, just that it’s harder to get as much done. Besides, I may want to go outside and do some sledding or have a snowball fight. Wherever you are I hope you’re warm and dry. Check in and tell us what’s going on in your neck [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for February 9, 2010

No time for chit chat. I have a sinking feeling school will be canceled tomorrow and for the rest of the week so I have to plan ahead. Your daily lists: New around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network: 48 Celebrity Book Authors Should You Trust Your Freelance Writing Clients with Personal Information? How to Spend Your Tax Refund Please Welcome Some New Bloggers to the FWJ Team Recommend reading from around the blogosphere: Freelancers Vs. Salaried Employees at Catalyst Blogger Pursue the Goal Not the Method at Chris Brogan The Art of Shameless Self Promotion at Copyblogger 20 Criminal Terms [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for February 3, 2010

Have you taken the FWJ survey to tell us what you think of the Freelance Writing Jobs network? If not, I hope I’m not too forward in asking you to do so. Our periodic surveys are how we learn how we’re doing and if we’re bringing you everything you’re looking for. We received a good response so far and with the exception of one comment (hugs and kisses to my BFF.) we’re receiving positive, constructive criticism. This will help us to bring you the tips and advice you’re looking for, do away with the stuff you’re not feeling and tweak [Read more…]

Finance Writer for Bionic Turtle looking for educational writer (financial certifications) We are looking for a careful writer (i.e., blogger with pro research skills) to add content to our new Career Guide service. Your focus will be researching and blogging helpful information to visitors who are evaluating various certification/designation options (e.g., CFA, FRM, CFP). Interest in professional finance is desirable (deep experience/expertise not necessary, curiosity and diligence is more important). Please provide compensation requirements and writing sample(s). Contact information:  Suzanne ([email protected])

Freelance Writing Jobs Presents: 19 Parenting Markets


Today we’re offering up some parenting markets. We’ve been listing magazine markets and other writing guidelines this week and many valid questions are being raised. For example, how do I know these markets accept freelancers, and also, how do I know the pay rate is what they say it is? It’s simple, I did some research. Research that’s easy enough for every single freelance writer to do if he or she wishes to write for certain markets. I looked up many markets on the web and, also, backed them up with a copy of the Writer’s Market – the 2010 [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs and Links for January 29, 2010

So? One month into 2010 and how are all doing? Sticking with your goals? Landing cool freelance writing jobs? Dish! Your Daily Lists Enjoy today’s good stuff. New around the Freelance Writing Jobs network 19 Grants for Writers and Other Creative Types Why Routines are Important for Freelance Writers Eight Easy Tips for Writing Better Blog Posts Recommended reading from around the blogosphere How to Find the Right Freelancer for Your Project at Freelance Folder The Fine Art of Persuasion via Email at Web Worker Daily Why Corporations Need Real Writers at About Freelance Writing Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing [Read more…]

75 “Write for Us” Pages

old typewriter

When I first began freelancing, I found clients by searching for “Write for Us” pages of different websites.  In fact, I found a couple of cushy gigs writing for websites that weren’t very well known.  I’ve been wanting to compile a list of many of these types pages for some time, and since we’re talking about markets this week, it seemed to be as good a time as any. You’d be surprised at how many unadvertised opportunities are out there. Today’s offering is only part one. Keep in mind that I did my best to find paying markets. If the [Read more…]

Freelance Writer/Blogger familiar with Medical/Healthcare world (non-technical)

Ongoing content writing for company blog – minimum of 4 articles/posts per month Content must be edgy and healthcare related but focused on consumers. Company is a web 2.0 company where people can book appointments online with a healthcare provider. email:[email protected] with one or two samples of content.

Freelance Writing Jobs for January 5, 2010

I just started doing Yoga every day as I’m trying to get back to a healthy weight. I find it’s great for clearing the mind as well.  How do you keep your body and mind healthy? Enjoy your daily lists! New around the network: Demand Studios Offers Grants to Writers The Writing Process: 5 Steps from Start to Finish 26 Blog Posts and Articles About Freelance Taxes Is Your Blog Job Sucking the Fun Out of Blogging? Recommended Reading: Does Your Writing Suffer from Purple Overload? at CopyBlogger How to Use the Web to Find Writing Jobs at PoeWar How [Read more…]

The Writing Process: 5 Steps from Start to Finish

alphabet blocks

A couple of weeks ago on Twitter, I threw out a very simple question, “what shall I write about?” I received  a variety of comments ranging from donuts to my own awesomeness, both of which are excellent topics, but I’m pretty sure they’re not what you’re looking for here. The truth is, it can be a challenge to find fresh topics to write about on a regular basis. After four and a half years of writing about writing, the last thing I want to do is bore anyone or get redundant on you. Admittedly, I asked the question to stimulate [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Monday, November 16, 2009

I vowed to get caught up with all my email this past weekend. I really had the best of intentions but it wasn’t meant to be. I did get a good chunk knocked out though, so I feel good about that. Still, next time I hope to reach my goal. It’s clean slate Monday, what will you do to make a positive start? Here’s what’s happening around the network: Are There No GOOD Freelance Writing Jobs Anymore? The Freelance Writers Guide to Facebook On Making an Honest Living Disaster Recovery for Freelance Writers: Production Forget Clean Your Fridge Day, Clean [Read more…]

Writer for – $15 per article is in the process of a complete redesign and launch. You can see the new site as it is being built at We need 3 – 5 writers that can help us create 100s of interesting and quality articles to add to the site over the next 3 months. *Qualifications: YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A PROFESSIONAL WRITER OR HAVE YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. We are looking for individuals that can create interesting and thought provoking content that is grammatically correct around the topics of energy saving tips for the homeowner, alternative fuel cars, energy efficient appliances, LED light [Read more…]

Writer With Real Estate Experience for Part Time Writing Job

WANTED: Writer with real estate experience for part-time writing job. I’m looking to hire a writer to work with me roughly 10 hours/week to start, to write about real estate investing, landlording, property management, etc for publication on various real estate-related websites. Majority of projects will be 500-600 word articles, minimal research, minimal editing required. 100% flexible hours, 100% telecommute, pays $10/hour through PayPal. Native English-speakers only please. If interested, email [email protected] with a resume, and a (very) brief cover letter explaining your reliability, real estate experience, and writing experience.

Freelance Writing Jobs for November 11, 2009

I want to take some time to wish the members of this community who are veterans of the armed forces a Happy Veterans Day – and thank you for everything. Here’s what’s going on around the network: Sign up for the Freelance Writing Jobs newsletter Freelancers and Taxes Part 2: An Introduction to Quaterly Taxes 6 Tips for Asking for a Raise in Your Freelance Writing Pay Rates Disaster Recover for Freelance Writers: Commuication Writers Are Wierd: Writer’s Routines Leads… Web and Content Writing Jobs Content Writers – $15/350 -400 words Financial Web Content Writer – $12 – $15/hour Website [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I’m excited to tell you about a newsletter we’re launching for FWJ. The FWJ community has been asking for one and I’ve been toying with for a while, but wanted to make sure the you will receive value from a newsletter  – even a free newsletter. I’ve never been a fan of blogging newsletters that feature the same exact things posted to the blog each week. Well, we will have that, but much more. Coming soon, the FWJ newsletter will feature: Blog posts, news and gigs from around the FWJ network. Past gems from the FWJ archives. Advice and tips [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for October 5, 2009

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week and a clean slate. Hope it’s a good start for you. I want to congratulate a friend of FWJ, Sandy Mitchel, on publishing her second book. Sandy has been a member of this community for years and we worked many of the same places. It’s a treat to be able to witness Sandy’s success. Check out “Cleveland’s Slavic Village” and support a long time member of the FWJ community. Here’s what’s new around the network: Is Writer’s Block an Excuse for Procrastination? 8 Places to Network Offline Weekend News and Awesomeness Winning [Read more…]

Freelance Writer Jobs for May 15, 2009

We’re halfway through the month, how’s everyone doing? I like to do a little mid month analysis to see how I compare to other months. By scrutinizing my accounts each month and doing comparison to previous months and quarters I can see where I need to step up my game. Also, if I’m doing worse I know I need to hustle and find more clients. If I’m doing better, I can pat myself on a job well done. I also like to set goals. When I was freelancing full time, I set a goal each January to earn $10,000 more [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for February 24, 2009

by Deb Ng So I’ve been checking out leads online for about ten years now.  Every now and then I think about what has changed and what has stayed the same. There are definitely more ads that don’t pay. When I first started freelancing it was mostly literary journals or poetry sites that weren’t paying.  There wasn’t a lot of folks expecting you to stock their sites and blogs for the glory.  The offers were a lot more realistic a decade ago as well. Though I saw many calls for content, there weren’t any of the “I need 40 articles [Read more…]

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