Enter a Writing Contest: a Way to Share your Work and Make Some Money


One way to share your work and get it noticed is to enter a writing contest. You may think that the odds of winning are about the same as winning the lottery, but keep in mind that many people may read and ad for a contest and decide the same thing. That fact will eliminate a certain amount of the potential competition.

Call for Submissions and Writing Contests from Creative Nonfiction Journal


Do you write creative nonfiction?  Then this post is for you! The Creative Nonfiction Foundation is a private, non-profit organization described on their website as follows: The Creative Nonfiction Foundation pursues educational and publishing initiatives in the genre of literary nonfiction. Its objectives are to provide a venue, the journal Creative Nonfiction, for high quality nonfiction prose (memoir, literary journalism, personal essay); to serve as the singular strongest voice of the genre, defining the ethics and parameters of the field; and to broaden the genre’s impact in the literary arena by providing an array of educational services and publishing activities. [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs Presents: 18 Poetry and Writing Contests for 2010


I’m often asked why I don’t post writing contests. I actually do post them when the folks who run contests are kind enough to send me the details, and I also post a couple of contests each week in the Freelance Writing Jobs Community Newsletter. Generally,  I don’t look for writing contests on a daily basis as I do freelance writing jobs. However, if it’s writing contests you want, it’s writing contests you’ll get. Below is a list of  writing contests. Some of them require a fee, and some of them don’t. I don’t know enough about writing contests to [Read more…]

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