Will Casual Blogging Conversation Be the Death of Formal Article Writing?

Conversation bubble

A couple of days ago I wondered if it’s OK for freelance writing bloggers to talk like they speak. After all, blogging is a much more casual form of writing than what most of us are used to.  While some purists don’t always appreciate a conversational tone when reading the news or learning about vitamin supplements, the truth is, that’s where we’re headed. The Internet has turned writers into bloggers and everything is all so ultra-cas now. Writing for Short Attention Spans Look around at your favorite news, medical and even government sites and what do you see? News sites [Read more…]

Freelance Writing for the Web: A Change is Gonna Come. Are You Ready?

Make a point of learning more about why potential clients are looking for a writer in the first place and study the hell out of the marketplace and the kind of changes in advertising, search, social media, and all of the other things that are going to force changes in the way people conduct business and information acquisition on the ‘Net.

This Week in Media News 3/31 – 4/4

Happy Easter FWJ crew! If you don’t celebrate Easter then, of course, happy Sunday. It’s been good week in media news: Where are the Women? – Alicia Shepard asks an all important question about NPR & it’s diversity or lack of in some areas. A dangerous assignment gone really, really bad -“Paul Raffaele, a top flight freelancer for Smithsonian magazine, was badly injured in a suicide bombing while on assignment in Afghanistan in 2008. Raffaele says the magazine agreed to insure him but he has nothing in writing. The two are now at an impasse. Writer Katie Rolnick tells the [Read more…]

Looking in the Mirror: Reading Your Published Articles

I’d been thinking about writing this post for next week, but today I was reading through Deb’s job posting for the day and came across an article she linked to: “Driving Rules for Getting to the Point with Your Lede” and thought, “Hmm, that’s a good topic, interesting headline, I wonder who in the network wrote that one…” I clicked the link and realized it was my work. Oops. Self-flattery aside, I realize I have fallen into a pattern of writing, editing, publishing and forgetting my work. When you first become a professional writer, once you get past the “Whoo [Read more…]

Three Tips for Killer Web Headlines

The other day I wrote “Down with Deb Ng! Headline Writing 101” where I touched on misleading headlines and basic, across the medium rules for writing headlines. The responses are still coming in, many people tuned in to see what dirt I had on Deb and others were ready to jump to her defense – not that she needs it because girlfriend can take care of herself! Anywho, the headline was a success and I got a few emails asking how to write a headline the right way. The parameters change depending on the genre, so today, let’s look at [Read more…]

Creative Content LLC is seeking talented educational writers for immediate hire

Educational publisher based in New Mexico is looking for freelance writers to help create leveled reading passages. If you’re interested and can give us at least 25 hours per week, then please email resume and cover letter to: [email protected] If your education and skills match our needs, we’ll send more information immediately. This is a remote hire–with Internet access, you can work from wherever you choose. The job itself: Write leveled reading passages (Both fiction and non-fiction) to be used in ESL classes for foreign students of English. Successful candidates are paid by the passage—not by the hour. Speedy writers [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for January 19, 2010

I’m a creature of habit. I rely on my routine as it helps me to stay focused. I start work at the same time every day and generally work until family time begins. Holidays throw me off. I sleep later, work different hours and constantly break my focus to tend to family things. Freelancing affords us flexibility, for sure. Me? I like the freedom of being able to choose working the same hours each day. Your Daily Lists Enjoy your daily lists. If there’s anything here you find especially interesting, I hope you’ll share in the comments. New around the [Read more…]

Driving Rules for Getting to the Point with Your Lede (Lead)

The other night The Wizard of Oz was on and I watched Dorothy and her crew sing about following the yellow brick road. It was a simple instruction, but it dawned on me the yellow brick road was a terribly convoluted roadway, with twists and turns all over place. Who were the city engineers on that project? Sheesh! Some ledes are the same way. They are good enough to hook the reader, but take so long to get to the point readers lose interest and turn the page or hit the back button. Here are a few rules of the [Read more…]

Maybe you're not getting jobs because you just can't write

In a post a good long while ago, Do you need to be a good writer to be a good blogger, Deb points out that yes, it helps a great deal to know how to write if you’re a blogger. I agree. Knowing how to write is important. However, I know plenty of excellent writers who don’t get blogging and web writing gigs – writers who are likely better than me. I can write sure, but I’m not one of those genius born to write or die type writers, yet I still get plenty of work. So, how do I [Read more…]

Is Writing for the Web Holding You Back from Writing for Print?

by Deborah Ng When I first began writing for the web, it was just as practice. A way to earn money and get my rhythm going while querying magazines. This was about nine years ago, and my fellow web writers all had the same goal. To earn some money, practice writing and gain experience until we break into print. As of this writing, many of the web writers I started out with have had limited print success and they don’t care. Same here. Once I started writing for the web on a regular basis, I started cutting back on my [Read more…]

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